Budget Analyst job description template

This Budget Analyst job description template includes the list of most important Budget Analyst's duties and responsibilities. It is customizable and ready to post to job boards. Use it to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire the best employees.

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Budget Analyst job description template

Budget Analyst job profile

In short, Budget Analysts are generally responsible for monitoring organizational spending so it stays within a budget.

They typically work with program and project managers to develop and maintain the organization's budget. 

In order to attract a Budget Analyst that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Budget Analyst job description.    

Budget Analyst job description

We are looking for a reliable Budget Analyst to join our team. As a Budget Analyst, you will be responsible for planning and maintaining the company's budget and spending. 

If you love to work with numbers and you are knowledgeable of different legal rules and regulations related to budgeting, you are the perfect candidate we are looking for!

Budget Analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Examine budget proposals
  • Review funding requests
  • Perform different types of complex analyses
  • Regularly present insights and results
  • Create and present suggestions for budget improvement
  • Work closely  with upper management to finalize the budget
  • Make sure that the company's budget is in accordance with all relevant legal rules and regulations
  • Oversee spending
  • Identify and present trends in spending
  • Create detailed future budget forecasts
  • Create and present suggestions for increasing profit
  • Prepare and present reports for upper management

Budget Analyst requirements

  • Previous working  experience as a budget analyst for (x) years
  • In-depth knowledge of budgeting and all relevant legal rules and regulations
  • Outstanding mathematical and critical thinking skills
  • Hands-on experience with using a graphics computer program
  • Knowledge of data analysis and various forecasting methods
  • Excelente communication and presentation skills 
  • Attention to detail
  • MA in accounting, finance, business or similar relevant field

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