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Describing TalentLyft

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Short Description

TalentLyft is a recruitment software that helps companies find and hire talent.


We want to make it easier for companies to find, attract and hire the best talent for their open positions. The world of talent acquisition has been changing drastically in the past few years, and our goal is to help recruiters, HR professionals and small business owners keep up with these new trends and new emerging technologies.

Our recruiting software is unique in a way that it offers both Recruitment Marketing and Applicant Tracking System solutions for recruiting. Recruitment Marketing side of the product is designed to attract best job candidates and convert them into job applicants. Applicant Tracking System, on the other hand, solves post-application problems such as effective candidate communication, central database will all the applicants and their rich profiles, candidate assessment kits and scorecards and interview scheduling, all in one place.

Brand Assets

Feel free to use our logo and branding where you have the right to do so. However, please don’t use them in an inappropriate way such as altering our logo or combining them with other graphics. Don’t use TalentLyft’s name in your app or software name, or imply endorsement from or a partnership with TalentLyft without a written consent from us.

Our Logo

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TalentLyft Logo

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TalentLyft Logo

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TalentLyft Symbol

Screenshots & Photography

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TalentLyft product

Product Screenshots

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TalentLyft team

Our Team

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TalentLyft office

Our Offices

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TalentLyft ATS

Your Hiring Teammate

TalentLyft is intuitive and simple recruitment software specialized for SMBs.
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