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Accelerate and Ease Candidate Search

With our effective sourcing tools, it has never been easier to find and get in touch with passive candidates. Once you find them, you get an instant access to their contact info. Use TalentLyft Source to ask for referrals, and easily promote job openings to multiple job boards with one click.

Web Sourcing

In today's world of high demand for talented workers, it is often not enough to just post job openings on job boards or career sites. This is because more than 70% of candidates are passive. With TalentLyft, a single web search scans millions of online profiles to retrieve passive and active candidates’ details including email addresses, resumes and more. The profiles that you choose are automatically added to your candidate database.

Employee Referrals

Recruiting using structured referral programs is one of the most effective and most productive recruiting tactics. Referral program campaigns tend help to find the best candidates, reduce cost per hire, improve the quality of your hires and increase retention rate. With TalentLyft, you can enable your teammates and employees to refer the right people at any time and add them to your talent pipeline.

Facebook Job Tab

Social recruiting has become one of the most popular recruitment marketing methods for finding and attracting best talent. Your perfect candidate might be one of your followers! Make it easy for them to apply by posting the job on your Facebook Job Tab. Make sure to include an attractive job description to attract your candidate persona. Facebook job tab is easy to set up, and once you do it, it automatically updates.

Job Board Advertising

Posting on one or two job boards is not enough anymore. Post open job positions on multiple free and paid job boards with just one click. For many companies posting the same job position to multiple job boards is in the past. Get in front of the eyes of more job seekers and wait for magic to happen. The more people see your post, the more applications and high-quality hires

Key features

Complete and easy-to-use recruiting and hiring solution. Used by HR professionals with or without experience with recuriting softwares. TalentLyft helps companies find and attract candidates, manage and track job applications and hire high-quality employees. We make hiring faster, easier and more efficient.

Web Sourcing

Use the most innovative techniques for finding best candidates for your open positions.

Referral Programs

Get more high-quality applicants by leveraging employee referral programs.

Social Media recruiting

Communicate your jobs and company culture on social media to attract Millennials.

Job Distribution

Post jobs on multiple free and premium job boards with a single click.

Hires per recruiter

Measure performance of different recruiters and communicate their best practices with other team members.

Email Campaigns

Create awesome email campaigns for relevant and timely candidate communication.

Why customers love TalentLyft

In Their Own Words

With TalentLyft, we managed to save at least one hour a day on our hiring process. For me, as a General Manager, this is extremely valuable.

Ognjen Bagatin
Ognjen Bagatin General Manager, Policlinic Bagatin

Besides the exceptional support at all times, I love how easy it is to customize our career site based on our needs and our brand identity.

Ana Mihelić
Ana Mihelic Office Manager, Coadria
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