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Avoid Losing Best Candidates

Timely and engaging communication with candidates doesn’t have to be as hard and time consuming as it used to be. Yet, it is a crucial step in encouraging best applicants to follow through the hiring process. Nurture your candidates with TalentLyft Engage!

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Create email campaigns that will keep your candidates interested and engaged. Set up personalized campaigns based on different stages of recruiting and hiring process. You can create your own email templates, or use existing ones to save time. You can:
  • Personalized content for better candidate experience
  • Interview scheduling
  • Interview location sharing
  • Automated reminders to candidates and recruiters

Employer Branding

Recruiters agree that not having a strong Employer Brand has a huge effect on their inability to recruit and hire high-quality job candidates. Build a strong Employer Brand with TalentLyft, and attract the best candidates for your job openings. Companies with a strong Employer Brand have a strong competitive advantage and the ability to hire better talent than their competitors.

Talent Pools

Keeping in touch and engaging with high-quality candidates can significantly reduce recruiting and hiring cycles. Imagine to have a perfect job candidate every time when a new position opens. Build your talent pool for future roles and job openings. Once a need arises, use your talent goldmine to search for perfect-match candidates. This way, you will never be caught off guard again!

Mobile Recruiting

The number of candidates searching for job openings and looking for career-related content on mobile devices is increasing rapidly. With TalentLyft, you don’t need to worry about making your content being mobile-friendly. By default, all pages built on our platform are auto-responsive to mobile, which means that with no extra work required, you’re meeting the needs and expectations of your candidates.

Social recruiting

Your best candidates are on social media every single day. That being said, you need to get social to reach them and communicate your employer brand. Share your story and Employer Value Proposition with potential future candidates. This way, you can reach more high-quality candidates and generate more applicants from Social Media platforms.

Team Pages & Blogging

Stand out from others by adding a team blog to your career site, and help candidates to get to know you better. Post great articles about some current projects, give tips to applicants and tell them more about your company’s culture. This way you can not only attract more applicants, but also ensure that they are a good fit for your company’s culture.

Engagement Analytics

Candidate Engagement has become one of the most important metrics in the world of Talent Acquisition. With TalentLyft you can measure candidate engagement, encourage candidates to share positive experiences, and improve Your Employer Brand.

Key features

Complete and easy-to-use recruiting and hiring solution. Used by HR professionals with or without experience with recuriting softwares. TalentLyft helps companies find and attract candidates, manage and track job applications and hire high-quality employees. We make hiring faster, easier and more efficient.


Management (CRM)- Engage and nurture candidates in your talent pool.

Email Campaigns

Create awesome email campaigns for relevant and timely candidate communication.

Team pages and blogs

Engage candidates by creating fun and educational team pages to attract candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

Career Site

Design a beautiful and inviting career site to make candidates apply for job openings.

Employer Branding

Build a strong Employer Branding strategy and create a desirable place to work.

Content Marketing

Offer interesting and relevant content and information to attract and hire the best talent.

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In Their Own Words

With TalentLyft, we managed to save at least one hour a day on our hiring process. For me, as a General Manager, this is extremely valuable.

Ognjen Bagatin
Ognjen Bagatin General Manager, Policlinic Bagatin

Besides the exceptional support at all times, I love how easy it is to customize our career site based on our needs and our brand identity.

Ana Mihelić
Ana Mihelic Office Manager, Coadria
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