Thank you for referring email to employees template

Use this email template to thank your employees for referring job candidates for open positions. Acknowledging employees' effort to refer high-quality job applicants is important for building a successful employee referral program. It is crucial to say "thank you for your referral" and send a thank you letter for referral.

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thank you for referring email to employees

How to send an email to thank employees for referring candidates

We all know, referred candidates are the best source of new hires. However, in order for Employee Referral Programs to work successfully, HR professionals have to plan every step of the process. Thanking employees for referring candidates for open positions is very important to encourage and motivate them to do so. 

Do not wait to see if the referred candidate is the best match, but send that thank you letter for referral to everyone who makes an effort. Always say thank you for your referral, no matter if the referred candidate gets hired in the end or not.

To make this process more streamlined, you can be automated this step through your Applicant Tracking System. 

Template for thank you for referring email to employees

Here is a template you can use to thank you for your referral to your candidates:

Subject line: Thanks for referring!

Dear [employee name],

This email is to thank you for referring a candidate(s) for [open position]. 

As you know, referrals are one of our best sources of new hires, and your effort is extremely valuable to us. We will let you know about the status of your referred candidate(s). 

Thanks once again,

[Your name]


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