Automatic disqualification email to applicants template

This automatic disqualification email to applicants can be used to fasten selections and recruiting. In case that you have a job opening that requires a certain skill or characteristic, you can automatically disqualify applicants that don't meet this requirement. 

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automatic disqualification email template

How to send automatic disqualification email to applicants?

Sometimes, companies require specific skills and qualifications without which a person can not perform his or her job duties.

In order to fasten your selection process and make it more streamlined, you can include these skills or requirements in your application form. Some of the examples include: VISA (permission to work in that country, drivers license, English language etc.)

In case that applicants do not meet one or more of your must-have skills, you can automatically disqualify them through your ATS, and let them know through email automation. 

Automated disqualification emails should be use only in these circumstances as non-human friendly, automated emails are not a good way for providing high-quality candidate experience. That being said, even these emails should be as personalised as possible.

Template for automatic disqualification email to applicants

Subject line: You application for [position name]

Dear [applicant name],

Thank you again for applying for [role title] role at [company name].

After reviewing your application form, we realized that you don't meet one of the absolute requirements for this position. That is [reason for rejection].

Since [requirement] is absolutely necessary for you to be able to perform your duties as a [role title] and be successful at your job, we could not select you for the next round.

If you have any addition questions please let us know.

Best of luck with your job search!

[Sender Name]

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