Job interview feedback email template

This job interview feedback email template is for you to use when you want to ask job candidates and interviewers to give you feedback about the interview with your company. 

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email template for interview feedback

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How to send a job interview feedback email to candidates?

Asking candidates to give you feedback about interviews with your company can give you great idea about what do you need to fix. Positive candidate experience is very important for increasing offer acceptance rate, and job interview prepossess have a huge impact on candidate experience

You should ask for feedback both rejected candidates, and the ones that have got the offer. 

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Template for job interview feedback email to candidates

Subject line: Looking for interview feedback 

Dear [Candidate_Name],

I am reaching out to you to ask you for a feedback about [company name] interview process. 

As candidate experience is extremely important to us, your feedback would be of a great value for us. This is a few question survey that won't take more than few minutes. 

Here is the [link] to the survey. 

Thank you in advance, 

[Your name]


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