Referral request email to employees template

This template for referral request email to employees, and use it to encourage your employees to refer high-quality candidates for any open job positions you may have. Many companies agree that referrals are often their best hires. So, encouraging your employees to refer can significantly accelerate and improve your hiring process.

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Refer a friend for a job email

How to send referral request emails to employees?

Referrals are your best source of new hires for many reasons. Therefore, you should always include your current employees into hiring process.

Customize this referral email template based on your needs. You can customize it for a specific job opening you may have, or you can just send a generic email as a reminder. Make sure to always include your company’s employee referral policies and bonus programs.

When asking employees for referrals, don't forget to send them well written and clear job descriptions. Here are our free job description templates

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Template for referral request email to employees

Subject Line: We need your help!

Hi all,

As you already know, we are constantly growing. Consequently, we are in a constant need for talented people like you. 

We are currently looking for a person who would be a good fit for our [position] open position. If you know someone who would be a good fit for this position and for our company's culture, please send them our way :)

In order to refer someone, I just need you all to answer a few questions: 

  • Person's name and last time?
  • How do you know the person?
  • What position do you think this person would be a good fit for?
  • What is the person's expertise and most valuable skills for our company?
  • Why do you think this person would be a good fit for us?

I am sure some of you have at least one person in your network who would be a great addition to our team!

Also, I encourage you all to, from time to time, check our career page for any new job openings we may have. Here is the link to our career site: [insert link]. If you ever have someone on mind you would like to refer, please don't hesitate to do so.

If you have any questions about our referral process, please ask me at any time!

Thank you all for your help!

[Your name][Signature]

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