Email to a referred candidate template

This email template is for candidates referred by an internal employee. Internal referrals are know to bring some of the best candidates for open job positions. Improve your hiring process by optimizing emails sent to referred candidates. When putting together this email template, we have used some best practices in order to improve you email response rate.

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Email to a referred candidate

How to send an email to a referred candidate?

Seeing the name of someone you know in the subject line of an email enhances the chances of opening and responding to the email. That being said, make sure you remember mentioning the name of the employee who referred the potential candidate. Always be professional, but make sure that the email is written in a tone that reflects your company’s culture.

Briefly describe the position you are hiring for, and explain why you think the referred person could be a good candidate for the job. Tell them about how their education, skills and experience make him a qualified candidate with a potential to be a good fit for the company. Explaining how their skills and experience are relevant to the new job opening, make you more credible to the candidate. Always indicate what are the next steps of the process, and give the candidate all the information they may need, such as contact details, job description, company website, company career site, etc.

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Referred candidate email template

Subject line: Referral from {Employee_name} / {Employee_name} referred you for our new position of {Job_title}

Hi {Candidate_Name},

I am {your name}, {your job_title} at {Company_name}. At the moment we are looking for a great candidate for our newly open position a {Job_title} and {Employee_name} suggested you beacuse you are a perfect fit.

After reviewing your {for example LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.} profile, I thought your background and experience are impressive and relevant to what your duties would be for this position. At {Company_name}, we are always on a lookout for more talented people like {Employee_name}, so we would enjoy meeting you.

Are you interested in learning a more about our company and the position? We would love to present you our proposition and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Are you available for a quick intro call [include date and time]? If you prefer some other time better, please let me know and I will give my best to coordinate.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope to hear back from you,

{Your name}


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