Managing Editor job description template

This Managing Editor job description template includes the list of most important Managing Editor's duties and responsibilities

This Managing Editor job description template includes the list of most important Managing Editor's duties and responsibilities. It is customizable and ready to post to job boards. Use it to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees.

Managing Editor job description template

Managing Editor job profile

Managing Editor is a professional responsible for company’s daily publishing operations and development and delivery of all editorial content. Managing Director taks include assigning and editing all articles, posting content online, managing editorial staff, developing editorial calendar and maintaining publication deadlines.

In order to attract Managing Editor that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Managing Editor job description.

Managing Editor job description

Are you an experienced Managing Editor looking for an opportunity to advance your career?

If you are an excellent manager of both projects and people passionate about driving results, we have the perfect job for you!

We are looking for a skilled Managing Editor to manage our multiple components – both print and digital – through the production process, working with project teams to ensure that publication is timely, on budget and best guidelines are adhered to.

Managing Editor duties and responsibilities

  • Plan and manage all daily operations
  • Hire, coach and supervise personnel
  • Coordinate editorial publications and meetings
  • Build and nurture a team of talented writers, designers and producers
  • Assign tasks for writers, designers, producers and editors 
  • Create and manage detailed content schedules 
  • Oversee proofreading procedures and edit copy when necessary
  • Assist in evaluating finalized copy for compliance with policies, style and tone
  • Resolve issues as they arise
  • Attend events on behalf of the company or editor in chief
  • Analyze performance metrics across properties to quantify results
  • Monitor and optimise performance to meet traffic, engagement and growth targets
  • Implement best practices, workflows, tools and templates to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the publishing process

Managing Editor qualifications and requirements

  • Previous working experience as Managing Editor for (x) year(s)
  • MA in journalism or similar relevant field
  • Exceptional ability in copywriting and editing
  • In depth knowledge of WordPress and SEO concepts
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and leadership skills

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