What is Employer Branding?

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Employer Branding involves all the activities HR Professionals and Marketers use to communicate Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition to job seekers. 

employer branding

Employer Branding Definition

In today’s “War for Talent” Employer Branding strategies have become the most important tactics for solving one of the biggest recruiting challenges – attracting high-quality applicants. Employer Branding involves all the strategies used to communicate Employer Brand to job seekers and attract them to apply to open positions.

Importance of Employer Branding

Research by LinkedIn has proven that more than 75% of job seekers research about firm’s reputation and employer brand before applying. Companies with bad reputation not only struggle to attract candidates, but they also struggle to retain employees.

Employer Branding is part of what is called Recruitment Marketing, relatively new concept in the world of recruiting, where marketing tactics are used for a more successful Talent Acquisition. Employer Branding can be done in many different ways and using many different channels.

For example, some Social Media platforms, such as Instagram, have been used mainly to attract talent. In addition, many companies have optimized their career sites to communicate their Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand in a way that invites candidates to apply for open positions.

Employer Branding can also be done through Inbound Recruiting methods in which employers create useful, relevant and interesting content to encourage Candidate Engagement and improve Candidate Experience.

All these tactics have a great influence on firm’s brand, reputation and, consequently, on their ability to hire best people.

Picture at the top is an example of how one of our customers, Nanobit, communicates their Employer Brand in a fun way.

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