What is Candidate Experience?

Even though there is no official definition for Candidate Experience this is the overall candidate's perception opinion about company's recruiting and hiring process. 

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candidate experience definition

Candidate Experience Definition

A job seeker’s feelings about an organization’s job application process. Applicant attitudes and behaviors are important for a number of reasons and can impact abandonment rates (the number of people that start but do not finish completing a job application on the company’s applicant tracking system) and employer branding attitudes (an organization’s reputation as an employer).

Since there are many different touch-point with candidates, many recruiters have started focusing on providing best candidate experience throughout their whole candidate journey.

Importance of Candidate Experience 

It is important to understand the difference between Candidate Experience and Candidate Engagement.

While Candidate Experience is related to candidate's perception of the overall recruiting and hiring process, Candidate Engagement is a process that never ends. 

Providing exceptional Candidate Experience is one of the main goals of every Inbound Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing strategy. Recruitment Marketing and Inbound Recruiting are strategies that use marketing methods for recruiting and hiring best talent.

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