What is Candidate Persona?

Candidate persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal job candidate. Defining your Candidate Persona can significantly improve your recruiting and talent acquisition strategies. 

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what is candidate persona

Candidate Persona definition

A candidate persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal job candidate. Human Resource professionals need to define their candidate personas in order to adjust their talent acquisition strategies towards people they want to attract to their companies. 

Importance of defining your Candidate Persona

Defining your candidate persona has many benefits:

Attracting the right people

If you have a clearly defined candidate persona, it is easier to attract the right people for your company. Reduced turnover rate

When you focus on hiring your candidate persona, you reducing the possibility of people leaving your company because they are not a good fit. Recruiting people that are fit for your company's culture

Knowing your candidate persona helps you identify people who are good for your company's culture. Higher engagement with recruitment content

Creating content for your candidate persona significantly improves engagement with that content. Higher-quality recruitment content

Also, it is easier to create high-quality content that attracts the right job candidates. Personalized approach to job candidates

With your candidate persona and its needs and wants in mind, you can approach them in a more personalized manner. Improved candidate experience

The more personalized approach always means a better candidate experienceHigher offer-acceptance rate

Focusing on and attracting only your candidate persona increases your offer acceptance rate. 

Improved Recruitment Marketing

Successful Recruitment Marketing strategy is impossible without knowing who your ideal candidate is. Lower time-to-hire

Focusing on your candidate persona significantly fastens your time-to-hire and time-to-fill. Lower cost-to-hire

With that, you can significantly reduce your cost-to-hire. Better quality of new hires

Hiring your candidate persona ensures a higher quality of new hires. Improved the company's Employer Brand and reputation

When hiring your candidate personas, there is a big chance that they will become your brand ambassadors (very important for your Employer Branding strategy).

Higher employee satisfaction

Employees that are a good fit for your company, are much more satisfied with their jobs. 

How to create a candidate persona

There are many questions you can ask to define your candidate persona. The best way is to start with your own employees. Take some of your best players and start interviewing them. 

If these are the people that you want more off, then this is the way to go. 

Below is a cheat sheet for defining your candidate persona. You may not be able to answer all of these questions, but the more you answer the better you can adjust your recruiting campaigns and efforts. 

candidate persona definition

Guide for defining your Candidate Persona

For more details about how to create your candidate persona, download our guide

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