What is Blue-Collar Worker?

Blue-collar worker is a term that refers to working-class people who perform any form of manual labor as opposed to ‘white collar jobs,’ which are mostly office-based

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definition of blue collar worker

Blue-collar worker definition

Blue-collar worker refers to an individual who is typically engaged in manual labor or skilled trade jobs that involve physical work and require specialized skills or training. The term "blue-collar" originated from the traditional practice of workers wearing blue shirts or uniforms, distinguishing them from white-collar workers who typically worked in professional or administrative roles.

What jobs do blue-collar workers do?

Blue-collar jobs often involve tasks related to construction, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, transportation, technical installations, and other hands-on work. These workers typically work with their hands, tools, and machinery to perform their job duties. Examples of blue-collar occupations include construction workers, plumbers, electricians, welders, mechanics, factory workers, truck drivers, and agricultural laborers.

Blue-collar workers are an essential part of the workforce and play a crucial role in various industries, contributing to the production of goods, infrastructure development, and the overall functioning of the economy. Blue collar jobs are highly specialized and require skill in performing a certain task, but generally, do not require formal education.

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