What is Applicant?

Applicant is an individual who applies for a post of employment at a certain employers' facilities by going through the hiring process, usually defined by the employer.

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what is applicant

Applicant definition

An applicant is an individual who has applied for a job. This means they have submitted their resume, application form, or any other required documents to express their interest in a specific job opening.

All individuals who complete this step are considered applicants. The term applicant refers to anyone in this initial pool, regardless of their qualifications or suitability for the position.

Difference between an Applicant and a Candidate 

While anyone who applied for a job regardless of their qualifications can be considered an applicant, a candidate is usually someone who has been screened from the larger pool of applicants and is being considered more seriously for the position.

This means they have passed some initial screening processes (like resume review, application assessment, or preliminary interviews) and are deemed potentially suitable for the role. Candidates are typically those who are invited for interviews, further assessments, or are in some way actively engaged in the later stages of the hiring process.

In summary, while all candidates are applicants, not all applicants become candidates. The process of becoming a candidate from an applicant generally involves a selection or shortlisting process based on the applicants' qualifications, experience, and fit with the job requirements.

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