What is Purple Squirrel?

The purple squirrel is a metaphorical term used by recruiters and HR managers to describe the perfect job candidate who not only meets the basic job requirements but also possesses exceptional qualities or niche skills that make them stand out from other candidates. This could include a rare combination of technical expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and desirable personal qualities.

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Purple squirrel definition

In the context of recruitment and job searching, a "purple squirrel" is a term used to describe an extremely rare and highly sought-after candidate who possesses a unique combination of skills, qualifications, and experience that perfectly match the requirements of a particular job.

The term "purple squirrel" is used metaphorically because finding such a candidate is considered as rare as spotting a purple squirrel in nature.

This concept highlights the challenge faced by employers in finding candidates who possess all the desired qualifications. It emphasizes the difficulty of finding a candidate who perfectly fits the specific criteria outlined for a job opening. While it is not impossible to find a "purple squirrel," it can be a time-consuming and arduous task for employers and recruiters.

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