What is Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)?

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Candidate relationship management (CRM) is a method for managing and improving relationships with current and potential future job candidates. CRM technology is used to automate communication process with the candidates, encourage their engagement and improve candidate experience. 

candidate relationship management definition

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Definition

Candidate Relationship Management is a method HR Professionals use to encourage Candidate Engagement and improve Candidate Experience

This relatively new method in recruiting was introduced to the world of Talent Acquisition as a solution to one of the biggest challenges in the HR industry - attracting talent. 

Building relationships with candidates is necessary on three levels: with current candidates, with past candidates (also known as silver medallists) and with potential future candidates.

what is Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate Relationship Management using Recruitment Marketing tools

In order to streamline and automate this process, many companies have started implementing Recruitment Marketing strategies through Recruitment Marketing tools. These tools enable HR Professionals to implement Candidate Relationship Management strategies in an easier yet personalized way.

For example, some Recruitment Marketing tools offer solutions for creating engaging email campaigns to provide highly relevant, educative and interesting content in order to build stronger relationships and expand their talent pools with highly-qualified job candidates. 

Importance of Candidate Relationship Management

Having a strong Candidate Relationship Management has become one of the top priorities for 2018 recruiting. Providing an exceptional candidate experience is one of the best Employer Branding strategies a company can have. Here is why!

importance of candidate relationship management

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