What is Johari Window?

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Johari window refers to a technique that is used to help people in the better understanding of themselves and others.


Johari window definition

Johari window refers to a technique that is used to help people in better understanding of themselves and others. It represents a feedback model used in self-help groups and corporate environment to improve individual and team performance.

Johari window process

In the Johari window method, participants are given a list of 56 adjectives with the task to choose five or six they feel best describe their personality. Colleagues are asked to do the same for the participant.

The answers are then mapped onto a grid of four different boxes. Once the grid is mapped, both the participant and the other contributors are given the opportunity to inform each other of the adjectives that only they selected.

Johari window pane types

1. Arena: adjectives selected by both participant and others, representing personality traits that are known to both groups.

2. Façade: adjectives selected only by the participant, representing personality traits that outsiders are not aware of.

3. Blind spot: adjectives chosen by others that the subject doesn’t select, representing personality traits the subject is not aware of.

4. Unknown: adjectives that were selected by neither party, either representing personality traits that don’t apply to the participant or hidden traits that neither group are aware of.

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