What is Resume Parsing?

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you will find this Glossary useful.

Resume Parsing is conversion of a free-form resume document into a structured set of information suitable for storage, reporting, and manipulation by software. It helps recruiters to efficiently manage electronic resume documents sent electronically.

Resume Parsing Definition

Many HR Professionals use CV and Resume Parsing tools to automate the storage, import and analysis of data and text on CVs and resumes. The process of resume parsing recruiters hours of daily work by eliminating manual processing and analysis of each job application and CV they receive.

The most common format of a CV or resume that recruiters receive is Word or PDF. Even though these documents are easy to read and understand to us, computer interpretation is more difficult. 

Resume parsers are programs designed to scan the document, analyze it and extract information important to recruiters. For most HR professionals, important information to be extracted with a resume parser includes skills, work experience, contact information, achievements, education, certifications and certain professional specializations. 

Most companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS), in which resume parsing, among other solutions offered by ATS, is often included as one of the features. 

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