What is Talent Network?

Talent Network is an option to allow potential job candidates to join your talent pool when they are not ready to apply just yet. This has become one of the most popular ways to generate leads in recruiting. 

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what is talent network

Talent Network definition

Talent Network is an option employers give to potential job candidates to join the talent pools. This has become one of the most popular lead generations strategies in recruiting

The benefits of Talent Networks

The benefits of talent networks are numerous. Often times, potential job candidates have an interest in a particular employer, however, they may not be ready to apply for their current job openings. 

Talent networks allow these people to join employer's talent pool and stay up to date with company's updates and new job opportunities. 

Also, talent networks are a great way for building employer brand awareness, showcasing your company's EVP and improving Candidate Experience.

Using email campaigns, employers can share their employee stories and events with candidates in their talent network. 

Having a talent network of high-quality job candidates can significantly reduce time and cost to hire. Instead of publishing jobs from the beginning every time, employers can first reach out to people from their talent networks and significantly reduce time and money needed to fill open positions. 

How do Talent Networks work

On your career site, besides offering visitors to apply to job openings, you can allow them to opt in to your talent network. To join, most employers ask for a few details about the candidate such as name, email, are of interest and optional CV attachment. 

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Once a candidates end up in your talent pool, you can segment them by, for example, area of interest. If you have a high-quality content available for this group or a new job opportunity that fits their interest, you can send them an email and start engaging with them. 

Personalized and targeted email campaigns like this often turn these leads in job applicants. 

Example of a Talent Network form

Here is an example of a talent network for that, if you don't have a designated recruiting software, you can create in a few minutes. 

definition of talent network

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