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Nanobit - Video Games

World known game maker, Nanobit, is using TalentLyft to streamline their hiring process, save time and attract high quality candidates. 

Nanobit - Video Games

About Nanobit

Nanobit is one of the leading Croatian tech companies, and they continue to grow every year. Two very ambitious and creative programmers started the company in 2008, and today the team consists of more than 100 experts.

They all come from different backgrounds, but have the same goal – the development of high-quality, super-fun games! As talent acquisition is extremely important to Nanobit, we are pleased and proud to say that they have chosen us to help them overcome their recruiting and hiring challenges.

We spoke with Ana Spasojevic, head of HR at Nanobit, to learn more about how TalentLyft has helped them improve their talent acquisition strategy. Ana is a highly experienced HR and recruiting professional with years of experience in the HR Industry. With all the changes and technology advancements, she is well aware of the importance to follow the world’s trends and best practices.

"In achieving such a business success, our employees have played the most important role. We always try to find the best possible people with the best possible talent, and when you find that, magic happens!"



Nanobit is one of those tech companies that has been experiencing a fast and substantial business growth throughout years, and was named one of the . To be able to support the growth, make and export the best games, and provide the best customer experience, their main priority has always been to build a great team with the ability, experience, enthusiasm, ambition and willingness to contribute to such growth and development.

As many IT firms already know, recruiting and hiring in IT sector is not easy at all. We all know that the demand for qualified IT workforce is much higher than its supply. The competition is extremely high, and having a unique and different talent acquisition strategy means having a huge competitive advantage.

Nanobit knew that they have a great organizational culture, they just wanted to communicate better their Employer Brand, and attract the best talent out there. In addition, they saw an opportunity to improve and make their hiring and selection process more simple, automated and streamlined.

Nanobit was well aware of all the challenges in the HR industry. They have realized, earlier than most of other Croatian tech firms, that in order to be more productive and efficient, innovative recruiting and hiring strategies needed to be implemented.



TalentLyft has managed to help Nanobit in three ways: streamline their hiring process, find best talent and attract more qualified candidates.

Applicant Tracking System

With TalentLyft’s Applicant Tracking System Nanobit was able to streamline their recruiting and hiring strategy. They were looking for a solutions to make their hiring process more simplified and organized, offer easy communication between the team members, and to have everything in one place.

"TalentLyft helps us keep all the applications organized, and it makes the whole process more streamlined. With just a few clicks we can see, review and manage candidates’ profiles, their statuses and track their progress throughout the hiring process. This saves the whole HR department a lot of time on a daily basis."

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

In agreement with many other HR professionals, Ana confirmed the fact that finding and attracting people is much harder than organizing the selection and hiring process.

With our Recruitment Marketing platform, Nanobit was able to communicate their amazing Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition with both passive and active job seekers. Through their beautiful career site and very specific job ads, they were able to attract more talent.

"With its appealing career site design, and the ability to customize and make highly targeted job ads, we were able to attract more high-quality candidates. Our career page showcases the best of Nanobit, and we’ve had a big help from the team at TalentLyft with setting it up."



Same as with all of our users, our goal with Nanobit has always been to help them overcome their hiring challenges and achieve their hiring and recruiting goals.

As explained by their Head of HR, the main three ways in which TalentLyft has helped Nanobit’s recruiting and hiring efforts include:

  1. Saving time with administrative tasks,
  2. Simplifying and streamlining the whole hiring process,
  3. Attracting high-quality job candidates though easier communication of their Employer Brand.
"The part of TalentLyft I can't imagine my job without is the ability to make an amazing career site. This is the place where we promote the best of Nanobit, and the place that really triggers candidates’ interest into us as their new employer. There, people can see our creative ads, our team, office pictures and learn about our culture. They all mention our career site during interviews!"