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iOLAPs one of many satisfied TalentLyft users. Read iOLAP's customer success story to learn about how TalentLyft has helped them improve their recruiting strategy.

iOLAP - Big Data & Analytics

About iOLAP

iOLAP is an International Development Center for a range of leading US companies delivering exceptional software solutions on cutting-edge technologies. From BI and BigData to .NET, Java and Mobile App development, iOLAP works as an integrated part of US partners teams. 

As acquiring talent is becoming more and more challenging in the world of IT, we are extremely happy and proud that iOLAP has chosen us to help them overcome their recruiting challenges and achieve their hiring goals.

We spoke with Ana Mihelic, responsible for iOLAP's hiring process and communications, to learn more about how TalentLyft has helped them improve their talent acquisition strategy. Ana is highly experienced in her job, and she is well aware of all the recruiting problems IT firms are facing today. With all the changes and technology advancements, she knows how important it is to follow the world's trends and use the best talent acquisition practices.

"Employees are everything. Without engaged and motivated employees, nothing can be built. We are aware of this and we do our best to make our workplace as conducive to long-term satisfaction as possible. We progressively work on establishing standards that every modern IT company should have."



iOLAP is a tech firm that has been experiencing constant growth. Similar to other tech companies all over the world, talent acquisition has become crucial for their success. Lack of talented and highly-qualified people is getting worse every year, and hiring and recruiting developers is harder than ever before.

"95% of our employees are developers and IT professionals. It is getting increasingly hard to find talent in this field because there is a deficiency of these profiles in the job market. "

To be able to support the growth, keep offering amazing services and provide the best customer experience, iOLAP’s main priority has always been to build great teams and bring employees with a perfect fit for their organizational culture.

The main three parts of iOLAP’s talent acquisition strategy that they needed to improve and make more efficient included:

  1. Ability to better communicate their employer brand and attract candidates through productive Recruitment Marketing strategies;
  2. Ability to streamline, simplify and shorten the overall selection process;
  3. Ability to make sourcing the best candidates easier.

iOLAP was well aware of all the challenges in the HR and Talent Acquisition industry. However, they have realized, earlier than many other tech firms that, in order to be more productive and efficient, innovative recruiting and hiring strategies needed to be implemented.

"Before TalentLyft, managing and tracking all the applicants was stressful at times, especially with 10+ open positions as it is often the case with iOLAP. Updating spreadsheets manually is tedious and time consuming. Luckily, now the biggest effort we have to make is finding the right candidate for the role."



We are extremely happy to see that TalentLyft has managed to help iOLAP in three ways crucial for more successful hiring: streamline their whole selection process, help them communicate better their employer brand and attract candidates, and make finding high-quality candidates with the best fit easier.

"TalentLyft is a centralized recruitment platform that eliminates the need to use any other tool such as email and spreadsheets. We can monitor, communicate and execute each phase of the recruitment process with ease."

Applicant Tracking System

With TalentLyft’s Applicant Tracking System iOLAP was able to streamline their recruiting and hiring strategy, make it simpler and much faster. They were able to save 60% of their time on daily administrative tasks. This way, they were finally able to focus more on candidates from their talent pool.

"TalentLyft is most helpful in collecting the applications and communicating with the candidates with the bulk email option. Not to mention overall tracking of each phase of the recruitment process, exchanging comments and notes among multiple team members involved. "

Recruitment Marketing and Candidate Relationship Management

Making the selection and all the other administrative tasks shorter, Ana told us how she was finally able to devote more of her time on attracting talent.

iOLAP is a firm with a unique organizational culture, Employer Value Proposition and known brand. However, being located in a smaller town in Croatia, it is not easy for them to attract talent to move from bigger parts of the country.

To job seekers, Employer Value Proposition is important, and iOLAP wanted to communicate their with all potential and past candidates.

With our Recruitment Marketing platform, iOLAP was able to communicate their amazing Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition with both passive and active job seekers.

Through their beautiful career site and blog, they were able to attract more talent and build their talent pool. Their goal now is to build stronger relationships with their talent pool through various talent community events, blogging with tips for candidates and constant communication. As many IT firms already know, proactive planning in recruiting is essential for success.

"We use TalentLyft’s career page as our default career page. It is easy to customize and update, and it looks amazing. Not only that we have more career site visitors, but more importantly, we have more job applicants. This is extremely important to us."


Sourcing has become a crucial part of recruiting for every IT firm. As IT professionals have many options to choose from, they usually don’t spend time on job boards and apply for jobs. Firms look for them!

Candidate sourcing is a method that iOLAP uses as well. Now that attracting candidates and managing them through the whole selection process is easier, iOLAP invests much of its time and effort in finding high-quality job applicants.

TalentLyft Source is a solution that makes this part easier and faster. Through referral programs, for example, iOLAP finds talent with specific skills, education and experience is easier. For most firms this is still a very manual process, and making referral programs more streamlined, automated and productive means a huge help.



Before TalentLyft, iOLAP’s overall process of sourcing, sleeting and hiring was manual and very time-consuming.

Realizing that this process needed to get more streamlined, centralized and productive, iOLAP gave TalentLyft a chance to try to improve their overall talent acquisition strategy.

"Before TalentLyft, managing and tracking all the applicants was stressful at times, especially with 10+ open positions as it is often the case with iOLAP. Updating spreadsheets manually is tedious and time consuming."

With TalentLyft, iOLAP was able to improve their hiring efforts in 3 ways:

  1. With our Recruitment Marketing platform, they were able to communicate better their awesome Employer Brand and organizational culture and attract talent.
  2. Their overall selection process has become easier, more streamlined, and they were able to save 60% of their time on daily administrative tasks. Making it possible to focus more on sourcing and attracting the right candidates.
  3. iOLAP uses TalentLyft Source platform to make finding and getting in touch with the right candidates in a more efficient and productive matter. Referrals and an extremely important way of sourcing candidates for iOLAP, and doing that through the tool is easier. All the sourced candidates always end up in one central database with all of their rich profiles.
"It is hard to choose a favorite among TalentLyft’s features, it is the overall platform experience that makes it a great recruitment tool. We’ve heard there are more great features coming soon and we’re looking forward to trying those!"