What is Candidate Journey?

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Candidate Journey is the expression used to describe 5 stages through which job seekers go through: Awareness, Consideration, Interest, Application, Selection and Hire.

Candidate Journey Definition

Similarly to when buyers look for services and products to purchase, candidates go through different stages when looking for new job opportunities. This is the reason why today's candidates need to be treated as customers. 

While the first three stages of candidate journey focus on active job seekers, the last three stages focus on the passive candidates. Global LinkedIn research has shown that only 12% of people actively look for jobs, and this is the reason why recruiters have started paying more attention to passive job seekers and the awareness, consideration and interest stages of their journey. 

To be able to lead candidates through these three stages, modern recruiters use Recruitment Marketing and Inbound Recruiting methodologies to find, attract and hire best talent. 

To make this process easier, recruiters and other HR Professionals have started using Recruitment Marketing tools to attract best candidates, encourage Candidate Engagement and to improve Candidate Experience

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