Social Worker job description template

This Social Worker job description template includes the list of most important Social Worker's duties and responsibilities. It is customizable and ready to post to job boards. Use it to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees.

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Social Worker job description template

Social Worker job profile

Social Workers work with people and families to give them support through difficult times and to ensure that they are safeguarded from harm. Their ultimate goal is to improve the quality of people's lives.

In order to attract Social Workers that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Social Worker job description.    

Social Worker job description

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Social Worker to join our team. If you love helping people and work towards improving the quality of their lives, you will love this job. As a Social Worker at our company, your main goal will be to help people make the most out of all their capacities and develop successful coping mechanisms in order to improve the quality of their everyday lives and experiences.

Social Worker duties and responsibilities

  • Plan, implement, coordinate and manage programs to help clients deal with difficulties and overcome challenges
  • Interview users in order to understand their current state, needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses
  • Set up measurable goals for each client or case
  • Monitor, oversee and evaluate clients’ progress
  • Change and adjust activities as needed
  • Serve as an adviser to clients and suggest solutions to problems 
  • Visit case conferences and attend court
  • Assign clients to community services when needed

Social Worker requirements and responsibilities

  • Previous working experience as a Social Worker for (x) years
  • In-depth knowledge of social theories and best practices
  • Empathy and patience
  • Ability to build trust and long-term relationships with clients
  • Must pass background checks
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Team player
  • Good time-management skills
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • MA in social work, psychology, sociology or similar relevant field

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