Sample of Candidate experience survey questions

Use these candidate experience survey questions to understand how you can optimize your recruiting process. Improving candidate experience has become one of the biggest priorities for every HR professional.

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Candidate experience survey questions sample

How to conduct candidate experience surveys?

Candidate experience surveys are conducted by HR professionals with the main goal to improve and optimize their recruiting strategies.

Since candidate experience has a big influence on candidate satisfaction, Employer Brand and job offer acceptance rate, it is very important to measure it.

The best way of understanding the way candidates behave and act is by asking them directly. Candidate experience surveys should be conducted after various touchpoints throughout the candidate journey.

There are many different ways to test the candidate experience. However, it is very important to pay attention to do it in a timely manner and to optimize an online questionnaires for mobile devices in order to increase your response rate.

Sample of candidate experience survey questions

Here is a sample of common candidate experience survey questions. We have listed 2 types of survey questions: 5-answer Likert scale and open survey questions

5-answer Likert scale candidate experience survey questions

  • The recruiter was professional
  • The recruiter was polite
  • The recruiter acted friendly
  • The recruiter was very knowledgeable about the job and [company name]
  • The recruiter very clearly described all the job requirements and details
  • The recruiter took the time to listen to my questions
  • The recruiter answered all of my questions
  • The application form was easy to fill out
  • The career site answered most of my questions
  • The carer site was very appealing
  • The recruiter was clear about the next steps
  • I was kept in the loop throughout the whole selection process
  • The recruiter answered my questions on a timely basis
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the recruiting process at [company name]
  • I would recommend [company name] to others

Open candidate experience survey questions

  • Overall, how did you like the recruiting process at [company name]? Why?
  • What are the top 3 things we need to do to improve our recruiting process?
  • Would you refer others to apply for an open position at [company name]. Why?
  • How likely are you to apply to [company name]’s open position again? Why?

Importance of conducting candidate experience surveys

Conducting candidate experience surveys is essential for improving your Talent Acquisition strategy. Since candidate experience has become one of the most important metrics to evaluate the company's recruiting strategy, measuring this metric is necessary for improvement. 

conducting candidate experience surveys

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