Sample of Employee Value Proposition survey questions

This sample of Employee Value Proposition survey questions can really help you define values your company offers as an employer, and that candidates see attractive. Find out what your employees value the most, and use the insights to attract high-quality job applicants.

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP) survey questions sample

How to conduct Employee Value Proposition surveys

Conducting Employee Value Proposition surveys is extremely important for both internal and external Employer Branding strategy.

By asking these questions, you can find out about what do your main company values, use that information and keep them longer in your companies. In addition, you can also use this information to attract talented people for your open positions.

Employee Value Proposition surveys should be done once or twice a year. That way, you will always know if there is something going on you were not aware of.

Companies of various sizes, from startups to corporations, conduct EVP surveys.

importance of conducting employee value proposition surveys

Sample of Employee Value Proposition survey questions

Please take a few minutes and respond with: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree


  • I am satisfied with my pay
  • I am paid similarly to other people I know on similar positions
  • I am happy about how promotions and raises are conducted
  • I like [company name]’s bonus and rewards programs
  • I am happy with [company name]’s evaluation system


  • Overall, I am happy with [company name]’s benefits system
  • I am satisfied with the medical insurance options given
  • I am happy with dental insurance options
  • I am satisfied with vision insurance options
  • Hours are flexible
  • Flexible hours are important to me
  • Ability to work from home is a big benefit
  • Ability to cover my family's medical insurance is valuable
  • I like [company name]’s holiday policy
  • I like [company name]’s retirement plan
  • It means a lot that [company name] invests in further education
  • Education reimbursement means a lot to me


  • I know where I am going with my career at [company name]
  • It is important to me that I can advance in my career at [company name]
  • It is important to me that I can get to a higher position at [company name]
  • I am planning on staying here at least for another year
  • I always get valuable feedback from my supervisors
  • Continuous education is very important to me

Work environment

  • I feel like we always work as a team
  • Working in a good team is very important to me
  • I always work with the team to achieve goals
  • I rarely think only about my personal achievement
  • I know exactly what my tasks and duties are
  • Work environment is very important to me
  • I feel comfortable at my workplace
  • Work atmosphere is very important to me
  • I like the work atmosphere at [company name]


  • I know how my work aligns with company’s goals
  • My work is always recognized
  • I get rewarded for good work
  • Leaders and managers are supportive
  • Leaders and managers listen to my ideas
  • I get the chance to contribute to important decision making
  • Being involved in decision making is important to me
  • Being able to express myself is important to me
  • Being able to give suggestions for innovative solutions is important to me
  • [company name] is socially responsible
  • Social responsibility is important to me
  • I trust my coworkers
  • I trust my leaders

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