What is Headhunter ?

Headhunter, also known as executive recruiter, refers to a company or an individual that provides services for tracking and recruiting qualified candidates for various positions.

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Headhunter definition

A headhunter, also known as an executive recruiter, is a professional who specializes in sourcing, recruiting, and placing candidates for specialized, senior-level, or hard-to-fill positions. Headhunters are typically employed by staffing agencies or may work independently, and they are hired by companies looking to fill specific roles with highly qualified candidates.

Can headhunters be hired to fill any position?

While headhunters can technically be hired to fill any position, they are most commonly utilized for senior-level, executive, or highly specialized roles. This preference is due to the nature of their services and the resources involved. Here are some factors to consider regarding the types of positions for which headhunters are typically hired:
  • Senior-Level and Executive Positions: Companies often use headhunters to fill top-tier positions like CEOs, CFOs, VPs, and directors. These roles are crucial to the organization's success, and headhunters are skilled in finding candidates with the necessary leadership skills and experience.
  • Highly Specialized Roles: For positions that require a unique set of skills or are in industries with a shortage of talent, headhunters can help identify and attract candidates who may not be actively searching for new opportunities or are part of a niche talent pool. This may sometimes be the case with some highly-skilled blue-collar jobs.
  • Hard-to-Fill Positions: When a role has been open for a long time without suitable applicants, or if the position requires a specific combination of skills that is rare in the job market, headhunters can offer their expertise to target and engage the right candidates.
  • Confidential Searches: In situations where a company needs to replace a current employee discreetly or wants to keep a new role confidential, headhunters can conduct the search without advertising the position publicly.

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