What is Facebook Recruiting?

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One of the biggest trends in recruiting over the past few years has been the use of Facebook to source, attract and convert talent. This practice even got its own buzzword – “Facebook recruiting”. So what is it exactly and how to do it #likeaboss?


What is Facebook Recruiting?

Simply put, “Facebook recruiting” is the process of recruiting (potential job candidates) through the use of Facebook. You can use Facebook to source, attract, convert and hire new employees. 

“Facebook recruiting” is a form of social recruiting and a vital part of recruitment marketing.

Importance of Facebook Recruiting

Because of all the new trends in the HR industry, the way we recruit has changed. One of the biggest trends in recruiting over the past few years has been the use of social networks to attract and convert talent. The benefits of social recruiting are numerous, and Facebook has become one of the most popular social recruiting platforms among HR professionals.

facebook recruiting

What are the benefits of Facebook recruiting?

Here are the top 3 benefits of Facebook recruiting:

1.) Facebook is the biggest talent pool

Facebook is the largest social network site in the world: it has over 2.07 billion monthly active users (Source: Facebook 11/01/17). That means that everyone is on Facebook. All of your ideal candidates are there. Even their moms are probably there! 😃 We’re joking a bit here, but you get the point: More people will come across your recruitment ads on Facebook than on any other platform. 

2.) You can reach active job seekers

Since finding the right job candidates is one of the biggest recruiting challenges, many HR professionals put a lot of time and effort research which channels are the best to look for talent. 

Although you might expect that active candidates (the ones who are actively looking for a new job) would choose LinkedIn as their #1 go-to-site for identifying job opportunities and spend most of their time there, it is not so. Active job seekers actually spend a lot of their time on Facebook. 

3.) You can also grab the attention of passive job candidates  

Passive candidates are those candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, but would be willing to accept a better offer. Remember, a better offer doesn't necessarily mean more money. It can be flexible working time, education, opportunities to grow, benefits, cool projects, and many others.

Facebook is a great tool that can be used to get in front of these people and show off your employer brand. If you demonstrate to potential candidates that you are the employer that fits their interests and preferences, you will encourage them to start considering a new job at your company. 

How to recruit on Facebook? 

Facebook recruitment goes beyond posting current vacant jobs ads on your company’s Facebook site. It offers so much more! You can use Facebook to proactively search for potential candidates, build relationships with them and encourage them to apply to your vacant job positions.

If you want to take your recruiting strategy to a whole new level, our Social recruiting on Facebook: A complete guide is a must read! 

In this guide, you can learn how to:

Step 1: Find potential candidates 
Step 2: Create a Facebook page
Step 3: Share your company culture
Step 4: Create a job ad
Step 5: Promote your job ads for free
Step 6: Promote your job ads on a small budget
Step 7: Use Facebook Live 
Step 8: Create a job tab
Step 9: Communicate successfully
Step 10: Share specialized recruiting content

Social Recruiting with Recruitment Marketing Software  

Recruitment marketing software makes Facebook recruiting simpler, easier and more streamlined. It helps companies showcase their employer brands and build strong relationships with candidates (a.k.a. candidate relationship management).

Some recruiting software providers now offer 2-in-1 Recruitment Marketing Software and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution.

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