What is KSA?

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Not sure what is KSA? KSA is an acronym for Knowledge, Skills and Experience. KSA is one of the most common acronyms used by Human Resources Professionals on a daily basis. 

A definition of KSA: What is KSA?

What is KSA?

KSA is Human Resources (HR) shorthand for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. These attributes can be used to describe an individual, a position, or both.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) are often used as 3 subheadings of CVs and Resumes and even job description. Writing clear and detailed job descriptions is extremely important for finding high-quality job candidates


Knowledge refers to all the information candidate has memorized and can use to perform different tasks. Knowledge is the collection of all the facts, data and information people have stored in their memory. 


Skills refer to different tapes of abilities to process data and information, such as verbal, manual and mental. 


Ability usually refers to the capacity to effectively engage or perform some type of activity. 

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