What is DOE - Depends on Experience?

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Not sure what id DOE? Maybe you have seen it, but don't know exactly what does doe stand for in salary?
DOE or Depends on Experience are expressions HR professionals use to demonstrate variances in salaries and benefits based on candidates' or employees' experience. 

definition of DOE or depends on experience

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Definition of DOE or Depends on Experience

What is DOE?

What does doe stand for in salary?
Job-hunters choose between postings on a number of criteria, but wages and benefits are among the most important. Some job descriptions simply describe wages as competitive; others may use the acronym DOE which indicates that compensation "Depends on Experience."

DOE variant

A variant is DOQ. What is DOQ? DOQ or "Depends on Qualifications." In either case, these acronyms acknowledge that the potential employer will work within an overall salary range, but is willing to pay more for a candidate with more experience or better qualifications.

Importance of DOE

DOE is very important when writing job descriptions or sending referral emails in which salary is not specified because the amount of compensation depends on the applicant's experience or qualification. 

It is normal to have positions for which the amount of experience is not a crucial thing. However, candidates with different experience should also get offered different compensation and benefit packages. 

Even though we recommend HR professionals to be as transparent as possible, in these situations it is often hard to be completely transparent at the very beginning. 

Some companies like going by industry standards to stay competitive, so when they like going by different metrics such as mean wage.  

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