What is CRM Software for Recruiters?

CRM software for recruiters is an HR software recruiters use in order to ensure timely, relevant and personalized communication process with their candidates, encourage candidate engagement and improve the candidate experience.

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What is CRM software for recruiters?

CRM is an acronym for Candidate Relationship Management, a method for managing and improving relationships with your current and potential job candidates.

CRM software for recruiters is a type of HR software which HR professionals and recruiters use to manage the relationship with their candidates.

With a CRM software, recruiters can organize and automate communication process with their candidates, encourage candidate engagement and improve the candidate experience.

Features of a CRM software for recruiters

CRM software enables HR professionals and recruiters to implement candidate relationship management strategies easier and faster.

The list of key features offered by CRM software for recruiters includes:

  • Creating and segmenting a talent pool
  • Sending personalized emails and text messages to candidates
  • Creating engaging email campaigns
  • Automating invitations to your company’s events (such as workshops and meetups)
  • Conducting candidate surveys
  • Candidate relationship management analytics.

Benefits of using recruitment CRM

The main benefit of CRM software for recruiters is that it makes candidate relationship management easier and faster.

A recruitment CRM software helps HR professionals and recruiters organize, manage and streamline their process of candidate relationship management.

CRM software automates many manual time-consuming tasks and offers many useful features and insights through its built-in analytics.

Without a CRM software, recruiters wouldn’t be able to achieve timely, relevant and personalized communication with their current and potential future job candidates.


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