Employer Branding Terms Every HR Professional Should Know

In today’s world of war for talented employees, being a desirable company to work for is what every employer wants. Getting there is what’s not so easy. We do, however, know what can take you there. The answer is Employer Branding! Since this term is still not very clear and well defined, we decided to put together a list of employer branding terms that are important for every HR professional to know or at least be familiar with.


HR is one of those industries that use very specific terms and expressions. With the emergence of new best practices, new trends and new technologies in the world of HR, many new terms and definitions have emerged. in order to become a more successful recruiter, it is important for HR professionals to get familiar with those terms and expressions. Some of the new terms in HR include: Employer Branding, Social RecruitingCandidate Experience, Passive Candidates, Recruiting Metrics and many more.

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List of most important employer branding terms:


Employer branding terms that every HR professional needs to know

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We made our choice of terms and we left some of them out. When it comes to any kind of glossary, people will agree or disagree. You think we left out something you find very important? Find us on twitter @AdoptoTech - prove us wrong with an argument, if you are right we will add it! But only if you are right :)

Besides these employer branding terms, find out more about some employer branding stats that prove the power of employer branding strategies.

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Most Productive Recruitment Marketing Strategies

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