What is Group Interview?

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Group interview refers to a type of interview where more than two people are involved.


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Group interview definition

Group interview refers to a type of interview where more than two people are involved. It can mean that a number of candidates are interviewed together at the same time (known as candidate group interview) or that one candidate is interviewed by more different department representatives at the same time (known as panel group interview).

Advantages and disadvantages of a group interview

One of the biggest benefits of a group interview is how it's speed so it saves time. It offers a chance to compare candidates side by side and to examine which candidates rise to the top.

On the other hand it provides less time to get to know individual candidates, requires strong interviewing skills in the selectors and gives advantages to the most dominant candidates of the group, which won’t necessarily be the best people for the job,

Group interviews are more suitable when recruiting for roles that require alpha-type personalities, such as sales or management roles.

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