What is Revenue per Employee?

Revenue per employee (RPE) is a metric used to determine how much revenue on average a single employee generates for the company. It is a financial metric that assesses the productivity and efficiency of a company's employees as a whole

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What is Revenue per Employee (RPE)?

Revenue per employee (RPE) is a financial metric used by businesses and organizations to measure the efficiency and productivity of their workforce in generating revenue.

It's a measure of how efficiently a company is generating revenue with its entire workforce.

How to calculate Revenue per Employee?

 It is calculated by dividing a company's total revenue by the number of employees working for that company during a specific period. The formula for calculating revenue per employee is:

RPE = Total Revenue / Number of Employees

For example, if a company had total revenue of $10 million and employed 100 people, the revenue per employee would be:

RPE = $10,000,000 / 100 = $100,000 per employee

What does it indicate?

Revenue per employee is a useful metric for comparing the performance and efficiency of companies within the same industry or sector.

A higher RPE generally indicates that a company is generating more revenue with fewer employees, which can be a sign of operational efficiency.

Conversely, a lower RPE may suggest that a company is less efficient in utilizing its workforce to generate revenue.

It's important to note that revenue per employee should be used in conjunction with other financial and operational metrics to get a comprehensive view of a company's performance, as it can vary significantly depending on the industry, business model, and geographic location.

Additionally, RPE can be influenced by factors such as automation, outsourcing, and the nature of the products or services a company offers.

RPE of big companies

Here are some approximate RPE figures for the biggest tech and Internet companies:

Netflix: In 2022, Netflix had an RPE of approximately $2.47 million.

Apple: In 2022, Apple had an RPE of around $2.40 million.

Alphabet (Google): In 2022, Google had an RPE of approximately $1.48 million.

Meta (Facebook): In 2022, Meta had an RPE of around $1.35 million.

Microsoft Corporation: In 2022, Microsoft had an RPE of about $959,000.

PayPal: In 2022, PayPal had an RPE of around $920,000.

eBay: In 2022, eBay had an RPE of roughly $766,000.

Tencent: In 2022, Tencent had an RPE of approximately 734,000.

Alibaba Group: In 2022, Alibaba had an RPE of about $537,000.

Amazon: In 2022, Amazon had an RPE of roughly $333,000.

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