Top 5 Trends In Recruitment And Hiring for 2022

Discover top 5 hiring trends you need to know about if you plan to hire new employees in 2021! Revising your hiring strategies for 2022 according to the current trends will help you develop a more effective recruitment process as well as find the right candidates fit.


What was it like to recruit in 2021?

Recruitment in 2019 was a whirlwind year for human resources professionals as well as job seekers everywhere. 

The ever-evolving HR tech and a prophesized economic slowdown led to one of the most difficult hiring landscapes in a generation in 2019.

How will recruitment change in 2022?

2022 will be marked with returning to the office which will present us with a new set of recruiting challenges. but before we focus on your recruitment strategy for 2022, we must address the importance of building a coherent hiring plan that will help guide your recruitment efforts.

The recession scare hanging over the top of everyone’s head coupled with the ever-increasing labor shortage is bound to present us with a few dead ends in the future of work. On top of everything, in 2021 recruiters needed to adapt to COVID-19 pandemic and learn how to recruit and hire during social distancing.

But on the positive side of things, employers are realizing the importance of improving the holistic employee experience while simultaneously working to hire candidates who will fit in with the company’s core values. 

5 key recruitment trends in 2022

To survive the coming decade, hiring managers need to stay ahead of the curve and utilize underrated skills

What’s next for human resources managers as we enter a new era for recruitment? Let’s have a look.

Recruitment trends 2020

Recruitment trend #1: Focus on company culture

Attracting talent will be a prominent risk for companies in 2022, inciting new strategies for talent acquisition.

Till the last decade, employers saw the concept of employee engagement as fluffy and nice to have addition in their organization. The new decade will shift towards providing an elevated level of employee experience in organizations.

The prioritizing of culture above pay will particularly matter while hiring millennials and Generation Z workers. Employers in 2022 will seek to provide an improved candidate experience that will align with the candidate’s expectations as well.

Even though money remains the single greatest motivator for today’s employees, a recent Glassdoor survey pointed towards the inevitable outcome where over half of the respondents prioritize culture above compensation.

With the Gen Zers looking to enter the workplaces in the next decade, companies are more obliged to concentrate their effort in improving the employee engagement levels of their organization.
Extensive studies over the years have managed to demonstrate that strong company culture is linked to better performance, innovation, talent attraction, sounder business results, customer satisfaction and more.

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Recruitment trend #2: Artificial intelligence will aid the recruitment process

2022 will be a pivotal year for artificial intelligence-related employee dynamics. Artificial intelligence has evolved from an uncertain future dream to a growing suite of affordable and easy-to-use HR applications.

A workplace of the future will be made of a dynamic, fast and digital environment- one that is able to fulfill multiple requirements efficiently. With the advent of AI technology, 2022 will be the year when the traditional hiring process will be upgraded to smart recruiting that incorporates AI.

The rising trend in AI ensures companies become more discoverable by optimizing for voice search. For example, McDonald’s has started harnessing the popularity of the famous Amazon’s Alexa by enabling candidates to use a voice-based job application by just saying, “Alexa, help me find a job at McDonald's”.

The move is part of a global hiring campaign, which will launch in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and soon to other regions, McDonald’s stated.
In the new decade, AI will make the recruiting process faster, easier and safer in general. With email automation and applicant tracking system, recruiting the right candidate has become more efficient.

Recruitment trends 2020: AI in recruiting

From recruiting chatbots to candidate screening software, digital work-peers to skills analysis that elevate the candidate experience- artificial intelligence tools will redo the hiring and recruiting process in 2020.

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Recruitment trend #3: Potential candidates will find jobs through a mobile device

Any forward-thinking HR manager would know that the next wave of suitable candidates is most likely to come through a mobile device.

While one might think that the majority of job seekers through mobiles are millennials or Gen Z’ers but the reality is a tad bit different. Glassdoor research revealed that jobs searched through mobiles peaks among Gen Xers with almost 55% of users making use of mobile devices in their job search.

Thus, it’s not only the entry-level jobs being searched for; the bulk of the job applications through mobiles are coming from candidates who are already well established in their careers.
Another intriguing find from the same study was that companies looking to diversify their workforce would benefit much from the mobile job search scenario. Women make up 52% of mobile job seekers compared to only 46 percent of desktop job seekers.

One of the most common ways these candidates will arrive at company job portals will be through a mobile device. Additionally, the interest today in social media recruiting is growing day by day. Attracting candidates from non-traditional sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps is going to be the future norm.

The future is mobile. The mobile usage job search will increase dramatically in the coming decade. Employers need to optimize the mobile job search and applying experience to tap into the diverse talent pool.

  1. Understand Your Audience
    Optimize the hiring process by keeping the key demographics that you are targeting in your talent acquisition efforts. If your preference is to hire for diversity, such as women, mobile should be at the top of the mind.

  2. Keep it Short
    Longer job applications are a vital obstacle to mobile job seekers. Making your application quick and easy to go through will yield the most beneficial results.

  3. Test It Yourself
    Just because you’ve taken steps to optimize your job applying process for mobile users doesn’t mean that it’s automatically a seamless experience. The most effective method to identify problem areas is to test it out yourself.

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Recruitment trend #4: HR Managers will prioritize diversity and inclusion

Workplace diversity has many benefits. A study by McKinsey & Company found that companies with gender and racial diversity were 35% more likely to have higher financial returns

According to Glassdoor’s Diversity & Inclusion Study 2019, 50% of employees across all countries surveyed believe their company should do more to increase diversity and inclusion, with millennials more likely to express the need for change.

The same study proclaimed that 71% of companies chose to remedy the problem by hiring a more diverse workforce ranging across various genders, races, sexual orientations, and ages.

Importance of workplace diversity for hiring

Culture is becoming a priority for a growing number of companies as they face acute talent shortages and struggle with attracting and retaining their talents.

In November of 2019, Dell Technologies went live with its 2030 goals for culture transformation where they proclaimed that they’ll be centering on diversity and inclusion (D&I) to increase the company's global digital impact.

As part of this culture first decade, employers will view diversity and inclusion as a driver of engagement with a greater return on investment. During recruiting for a more diverse workforce, HR managers should focus on addressing the following issues of the hiring process:

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Recruitment trend #5: Establish the 21st century recruiter

The talent industry will undergo its biggest change to date in 2022. While the catalyst of this development will be AI but the hiring managers are the one who has to bear the brunt of it. A Mercer study revealed, 53% of high-growth organizations consider HR managers as heavily involved in prompting major change as compared to 39% of modest-growth companies.

Companies of today need talent acquisition leaders who are deeply involved with the business side of the recruiting process as well as proficient in the soft skills. Such managers need to be thought leaders as well as subject matter experts of their niche. They should be able to blend the human side of the process to the technical one.

The responsibilities of the future recruiters are changing. Recruiters should feel comfortable and confident using new and emerging recruitment strategies. Thus it is not only the candidates themselves but also the recruiting manager that needs to update their skills as well.

With the help of the ever-modifying technology and AI, the 21st-century recruiter brings a new set of skills and expertise in finding the top talents. Recruiters should also be able to deliver solutions and outcomes designed to be faster and more impactful ways than ever.

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Wrapping It Up

Keeping an eye on the recent trends in recruitment and hiring can help recruiting managers attract their ideal candidates, and for job seekers to find the perfect company they are looking for.
Revising your hiring strategies for 2022 according to the current trends will help you ultimately develop a more effective recruitment process as well as find the right candidates fit.

About the author

Barasha Medhi is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. She is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with all things associated with marketing and employee engagement.

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