Which Marketing Channel is Best for Recruitment in 2021?

With so many marketing channels, modern recruiters are struggling to decide which marketing channel is the best for recruiting. Which marketing channel should you focus on in 2021 if you want to attract and hire top talent? Read on to find out! 


The recruitment marketing era

The internet age has massively expanded recruitment possibilities. Instead of being practically limited to advertising locally, you can now use recruitment marketing to easily market your positions to the entire web.

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But with so many channels available, where should your effort go?

You don’t have unlimited time

Upon first glance, the rich online opportunities seem ripe for the taking, but many recruiters feel less optimistic when they think about how much time and effort can go into posting and responding to ads through just one channel.

When you have a business to run, and everyday operations to handle, you can’t afford to spend hours each day handling recruitment - no matter how important it may be that you attract the best candidates. This can easily lead to frustration (it isn’t fun to leave options on the table).

This is what drives people to wonder which marketing channel is best for recruitment. Knowing that their time is limited, they want to pick out whichever channel best warrants 100% of their job-posting effort. That seems sensible (better to do great work through one channel than mediocre work through several), so let’s look at the options.

Different marketing channels you can use for recruitment

What channels are open to the modern recruiter? Here’s a solid list to begin with:

Each of these channels has its strengths and weaknesses, and which one will best suit a particular job listing will depend on the specifics of that listing (the type of job, the field it concerns) as well as the nature of the company behind it.

For instance, a listing for a social media manager will best fit on social media itself (mainly Twitter, given its fast pace), whereas a posting for someone with a huge amount of experience in a specific industry might be best placed in a suitably high-end industry publication.

Is there a best marketing channel for recruiting?

We now arrive at the titular question, trying to discern which of these channels is best for recruitment in 2021 - but the (perhaps unsatisfying) answer is that there is no best marketing channel for recruitment. It’s all completely contextual, depending on the target audience you’re trying to reach, the type of job, the reputation of the company, and various other things too.

You could make a case for social media platforms overall, but does that really narrow things down sufficiently? That ends up leaving you with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and whichever the next big platform ends up being. Each of those platforms has unique formatting restrictions (not least for images) and plenty of distinct users, so targeting just one won’t yield the consistent results you’re looking for.

This might sound like a major problem, then. You want to recruit efficiently, but you don’t have the time to manually handle two recruitment channels, let alone several of those we’ve listed. However, there’s actually a solution that can get the job done for you - so let’s look at it.

How you can recruit cross-channel?

Technology always steps up to solve everyday problems in the business world - think about how efficient processes like workplace communication and calendar scheduling have become. Talentlyft Source is doing just that for the online recruitment process. Not only does it make it possible to effortlessly share a job listing across numerous job boards and social channels, but it also brings the rich data of the online world to bear in delivering passive candidates.

When you’re trying to reach people actively looking for work, there’s a fair chance that they’ll reach you eventually. It’s just a matter of time. People currently employed and not looking, through, are far harder to sway. Talentlyft Source can not only get your job listing seen across the internet, but it can also find and import details of potential candidates - you can then sort through them, identify the standouts, and reach out to them directly to gauge their interest.

Matching the convenience post-recruitment

Note that you’ll need to match the breadth of this effort once you’ve actually recruited people. Provide smooth onboarding and solid internal processes including a clear HR system and a polished payroll process at a minimum (payroll factors into company culture, remember), and demonstrate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Why do your internal processes matter here? Because cross-channel recruitment sets a precedent for being forward-thinking and tech-savvy - a precedent that might draw people to you. If someone joins your team only to discover that your everyday operations aren’t comparably cohesive, they might not want to stick around.

So which marketing channel should you use in recruitment?

In closing, while there’s some logical reasoning behind it, it doesn’t ultimately make much sense to concentrate on one specific marketing channel for recruitment across the board. You might want to concentrate on one for a particular job listing, but you’d need to decide which one based on its unique qualities.

Alternatively, you could just use a solution like Talentlyft to ensure optimal cross-channel coverage for your postings and bring in plenty of prospects you can choose from at your leisure. It doesn’t seem like a hard decision!

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