The Best Free Job Posting Sites

Free job posting sites allow employers to post their job openings for free and reduce their recruiting costs. If you aren’t utilizing  free job posting sites, you’re missing out! In this blog post, you will find all the information you need to post your job openings on the best free job posting sites.


3 most popular free job posting sites for employers

According to eBizMBA, job posting sites with highest global traffic are:  

  1. Indeed
  2. Monster
  3. Glassdoor

Luckily, 2 out of the top 3 job posting sites are free job posting sites for employers. On two of these top 3 job posting sites employers can post their jobs for free: Indeed and Glassdoor.

However, to make the most out of these free job posting sites, it is crucial to understand whether each of these free job posting sites is a job board or a job aggregator site. 

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2 main types of free job posting sites for employers

There are 2 main types of free job posting sites:

  1. Job boards
  2. Job aggregators

What is the difference between job boards and job aggregators?

A job board is a website where employers directly post their open job positions.

Job aggregators are also called job search engines because they act as a search engine for jobs.
This means that job aggregators search the web and collect job ads from multiple sources, such as job boards, other job search engines, employers’ career sites, etc.
Job aggregators then display all collected job ads on their site, linking them to the original ad.  

Also, it is important to mention there are hybrids between these two job posting site types.
Some job aggregators allow employers to post directly to their site, just like they would on the job boards.  

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Top 6 free job posting sites for employers

Here is our list of the top 5 absolutely free job posting sites for employers, followed by detailed instructions for posting jobs on each of the mentioned free job posting site.

Free job posting site#1: Indeed

Hybrid job aggregator  

Indeed is a world’s top job search engine with the highest traffic (200 million people visit Indeed every month). It is also the most popular free job posting site.
It is a hybrid job aggregator, which means it basically functions as a job aggregator, but is also offers a possibility for employers to publish their job postings directly on Indeed by opening a free employer’s account.  

How to post your jobs for free:
There are 2 ways to get your jobs listed on Indeed: 

1. Post your jobs directly to Indeed
This video explains how to do it:

2. Allow Indeed to aggregate your posted jobs from your career website.
If you want to ensure that Indeed will indeed aggregate your posted jobs from your career website, it is recommended to follow these 5 best practices.

Free job posting site#2: Glassdoor

Job board 

Glassdoor operates an online job posting site and career community. It became famous as a place where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management.
However, Glassdoor is also the world famous job board with the highest traffic (50 million people visit Glassdoor every month). It is often ranked as the best job board to post jobs for free. 

How to post your jobs for free:
Glassdoor offers the possibility for employers to post up to 10 jobs free for 7 days.  Simply fill in the form and off you go!
It is worth mentioning though that the Glassdoor free employer account does not have quite as many features as a paid one. 

Free job posting site#3. Jora

Hybrid job aggregator  

Jora is is an Australia-based search engine for jobs, but it functions as a worldwide job search aggregator in almost every continent around the globe.  

How to post your jobs for free:
To post a job ad on this job posting site, simply fill in the form, choose the locations you want to target and hit 'Post Job'.
As simple as that, no registration required. You can post as many jobs as you wish! 

Free job posting site#4: Google for jobs

Job aggregator  

Google for Jobs is an AI-powered job search engine launched by Google in May 2017.  

This means that job seekers can now look for job postings directly from their Google search.

How to post your jobs for free:
Since Google for jobs is a job aggregator, you can’t directly publish your job postings to appear in Google search.
You can, however, follow this guide to make sure Google collects your job posting form your career site.  

Free job posting site#5: Post jobs for free

Job board 

Post Job Free is a free job posting site based in sunny Florida, but it serves jobs all over the world.
It offers 3 great absolutely free features for recruiters: 

  1. Free job posting
  2. Resume search (you can even set up alerts to inform you when new resumes that have skills you need appear)
  3. Sending messages to resume posters.

How to post your jobs for free:
You can post jobs on this free job posting site very easily - simply fill in the form.
This video explains how to do it:

Free job posting site#6: Aileensoul 

Job board

At Aileensoul the Recruiter profile is free for all, letting the employer post as many job requirements as they need. Recruiters can hire from the large number of job seekers available in Aileensoul. A good number of filters and options help recruiters find the exact kind of candidate he/she is seeking. Also, the chat option feature helps the employer directly connect with job seekers and ask questions before making any hiring decision.

How to post your jobs for free:
You can easily start posting your jobs at Aileensoul by creating a free account on their website. 

Free niche job posting sites

Niche job posting websites are an excellent place to find specific job openings that aren’t always listed on other sites.

Most of them require payment, however, there are 2 great niche job posting sites that are completely free to use.

Freelance, part-time and hourly jobs free job posting sites


Job board 

FlexJobs is the leading job service and job posting site specializing in the "flexible job market."
So if you’re an employer hiring for freelance work, part-time jobs, flexible or alternative schedule jobs, FlexJobs is definitely the best place to post your job openings.
FlexJobs offers 2 great, absolutely free possibilities for recruiters: 

  1. Unlimited, free job postings 
  2. Access to the largest specialized resume database of candidates who value work flexibility.

How to post your jobs for free:
First, you need to request an invitation, because they check every for professionalism and legitimacy.
After you pass this check, you will receive an invitation for access to their free candidate database and unlimited job postings. 


SecondJobs.net is a platform that offers part-time/remote jobs for professionals who are already working a full-time job. There are many sites online where job seekers of all levels and employers can connect on full-time job opportunities. And there are even more sites online where employers and freelancers can connect on project based work. However, SecondJobs.net is different because it connects employers and experienced professionals looking for a second job to leverage one another.

How to post your jobs for free:
To post a job ad on this job posting site, you need to register here as an employer. Once registered you can post as many jobs as you wish!

Startup jobs free job posting sites

Angel List 

Job board 

Angel List is a website dedicated to startups. It also has a great job board with 1,584,902 active candidates, including 470,378 developers and 108,948 designers.
It is definitely the best job posting site to post your startup jobs for free.  

How to post your jobs for free: 
Posting jobs on this job posting site is fast and easy. Simply fill in this form.  

Additional ways to promote your job openings for free

Free job posting sites are just one channel you can use to promote your job opening.

To spread the word about the positions you need to fill, we recommend using other free communication channels and methods, such as:

You can find detailed information about these methods in our Ultimate Guide for Posting Jobs That Stand Out.

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Some of the free job boards and free job posting sites include Indeed, Monster, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Stackoverflow and many others.

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