10 Best Job Advertisement Examples

Looking for the best job advertisement examples? From cool video ads to engaging challenges and ads coming straight from current employees, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting job ads that did a great job standing out. 

See how some of the most famous companies did it and learn how you can create ads like that as well and promote it to drive applications left and right. 


How to create a great job ad

Before we get into the examples of (great) job advertisements, let’s see first what makes a great job ad. Take a look at this job ad for a Financial Data Analyst at  KPMG Bulgaria

a job ad for a financial data analyst at KPMG Bulgaria

Need more help? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Writing a Job Posting That Attracts Candidates!

Now that we’ve broken down what a great job ad should look like, we have to say this – Great ad copy is only the beginning. You need a great promotion plan that will attract as many qualified candidates as possible, with as few resources as possible. And KPMG did a great job there too, publishing this on dozens of channels in a few clicks and receiving hundreds of candidates. 

But we’ll get to that later. For now, let's move on to the next section and take a look at the 10 best job advertisement examples to inspire your next hiring process.

10 job advertisement examples

Here are the top 10 examples of the best job ads ever. Enjoy! 😊

Example #1: Job ad that attracts developers 

The first one on our list is this ad for an  'Amazing Platform Software Engineer' at HireVue.


Why we like it: 

Let’s start with the job ad title - Amazing Platform Software Engineer. What a way to make a candidate feel special before (s)he even reads the job ad! 

We also love that this job ad starts with HireVue’s employee value proposition. They open the job ad by stating everything they offer to a candidate, including an amazing salary and many other perks and benefits. 

They use their employee value proposition as a magnet to attract candidates’ attention and get them to read the ad. Once they grab the candidates’ attention, they follow with a strong  pitch:

“If you are an Amazing Software Engineer who wants to make great money working at an amazing company then keep reading!”

By now I want to work at HireVue too, and I’m not even a Software Engineer (much less an amazing one). 😃 The best thing is, this job ad just keeps getting better

We especially love their emphasis on people and diversity and the explanation of their hiring process. Not to mention the cool photo at the end of the ad.

Ideas to steal: 

Example #2: Job ad that highlights perks 

Our next example is this short and simple, yet highly effective Instagram job ad by Marriott. Best-job-ad-example-Marriott

Why we like it: 

This job ad starts by calling out its perfect candidate - warm, outgoing, authentic, passionate, and inspiring. 

Then it casually mentions the job opportunity and focuses on the unique perks and benefits this company offers.

The best part? This job ad shows off their perks and doesn’t just tell candidates about them. 

Ideas to steal: 

Example #3: Best place to work job ad

Hubspot announced on Instagram that they won the  “Best Place to Work” award. 


Why we like it: 

Along with the "Best Workplace" announcement they included a call to action in that same post and invited interested candidates to apply for their open job positions and become a part of their amazing company culture. It is a clever way of turning your own company's awards into opportunities for candidates. Brilliant! 

Ideas to steal: 

Example #4: Humorous job ad

Take a look at this Bartender job ad at Dallas Restaurant & Bar:

Example Job Add - Humorous job ad

Why we like it: 

We love this job ad because it perfectly targets its ideal candidates - experienced bartenders.  It uses professional insight and a joke to attract their attention and make them laugh

We also like how this job ad offers interested candidates a few different options to apply - they can come to a walk-in interview, or apply via email or telephone.

Ideas to steal: 

Example #5: Job ad with an infographic 

Next up is the job ad for a  Talent Acquisition Manager at IBM.  


Why we like it: 

We love how  IBM transformed their ordinary, boring textual job ad into a stunning online infographic. 😍

This visual job ad engages and informs its target audience in just a single glance, allowing applicants to more quickly and easily gauge whether they would be a good fit for a position.

The idea to steal: 

Example #6: Video job ad 

Here we have a video job advertisement for a lead instructor at Galileo Camps.

Why we like it: 

This video job ad for a lead instructor at a children’s camp explains why this role is crucial and amazing.

It also describes the ideal candidate and shows a typical day at the job. 

All that in a  less than 2-minute eye candy video. What’s not to love? :) 

The idea to steal: 

Example #7: Coded job ad 

Like games? Check out his ad for a software developer at Verizon:


Why we like it: 

We love this coded Instagram job ad by Verizon. They used a graphic to pose a challenge to their target audience playfully and daringly. 

What a great way to engage their target audience! 

The idea to steal: 

Example #8: Team photo job ad 

Grizzly's Wood-Fired Grill shared an interesting job ad for a dishwasher. Check it out:


Why we like it: 

Sharing pictures of your employees having fun at work on social media is always a great way to engage reactions among potential candidates!

It looks like the staff at Grizzly's are having so much fun!

Ideas to steal:

Example #9: Employee testimonial job ad

This ad for a Finance and accounting role shows that any job can be fun at Disney. Take a look:


Why we like it: 

We love how this job ad doesn’t look like a job ad at all! 

Disney regularly shares photos and quotes or videos of their employees talking about their role, its challenges, and wins. 

Disney shares its employees'  testimonials and simply adds a call to action in the form of an invitation to apply

So simple, yet so effective. Learn from Disney about storytelling! 👌

Ideas to steal: 

Example #10: Inside the box job ad

Our last but maybe even the most interesting job ad example comes from IKEA. Check it out:

Why we like it: 

We love how IKEA connected their product with their job ads! 

IKEA used its flat-pack furniture box as a direct marketing channel when attempting to recruit staff. 

They created a job ad called  “Assemble your future” in the same style as its typical flatpack assembly instructions and inserted it into their furniture boxes. Isn’t that brilliant? 😮

Ideas to steal: 

How to promote job ads and drive more applications?

Let’s say you’ve created a great job ad, just like any one of the examples above, making sure it contains all the necessary elements to attract candidates to apply. Now it’s time to promote it and drive as many applications as possible. How do you do that? Here are a few ways: 

Job boards

Online job boards are popular platforms for posting job openings. Job boards are a great way of attracting candidates from any industry as there are thousands of different platforms across the web ranging from general to industry-specific. The great thing about them is that you can target specific industries and job seekers’ experience levels, skills and locations. 

However, if you are hiring in high volume in multiple locations, finding and keeping track of all the job boards you need to use could be difficult. But there is a way you could post to all of them in just one click. 

Here’s how I’d do it if I was a hotel chain hiring housekeepers in several different countries:

Job advertising features in TalentLyft

After I had created a housekeeper position in TalentLyft, the next step would be to advertise it. The Premium job boards database contains over 2500 job boards I can choose from. Of course, I won’t scroll through all of those. What I will do here is filter only those relevant to the Hospitality industry in the United States to narrow down my choice:advertising on premium job boards in TalentLyft

I’m going to pick LENSA and Find a Job in Hospitality as my go-to job boards. Click 'Add to campaign' and 'Publish'. That’s it. I published my job to two job boards in a matter of seconds.

Launch your first job to multiple job boards in a click
Create your job and choose from over 2500 job boards and platforms to advertise it on, in a couple of clicks. Try it for free, no credit card required!
 Post my job 

Build your employer brand

Employer branding is about showcasing your company as a desirable place to work, beyond just the specifics of the job role. It involves building and leveraging your company's reputation and the values it stands for to attract top talent.

Social media platforms are powerful tools for building your brand. Develop content that resonates with your target audience. This could include videos about life at the company, employee success stories, and insights into exciting projects. Content that highlights innovation, career growth opportunities, and the impact of the work can attract candidates who are looking for meaningful and fulfilling careers.

It is also great for sharing your job vacancies with engaging captions and call-to-actions. Take a look at this great example by Steven Bartlett.

Steven is an entrepreneur and investor looking to hire qualified people for more than 100 vacant roles across his fast-growing companies. 

In this ad, he invites people to send open applications over to him with their own idea of a job they would like to do at one of his companies and how they could contribute. What a clever way of attracting top talent!

Of course, Steven is a world-famous businessman with nearly 2 million followers on LinkedIn, so many top-quality candidates would stand in line to be hired by him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t model this strategy in one of your own ads. If you, your CEO, or anyone at your company has a significant social media presence, taking this approach might just be the go-to strategy for filling that hard-to-fill role. 

Learn more: How to Promote Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Optimize your career pages

A careers page is another great channel for promoting your jobs and building your brand. It's a space where you can control the narrative, highlight company culture and benefits and showcase your employer brand. The careers page is often the first touchpoint between your company and potential candidates, so it’s important to do it right. Here are a few tips:

Take a look at how KPMG did a good job with their careers page:

KPMG Bulgaria careers page

KPMG Bulgaria careers page - benefits section

Selection process at KPMG Bulgaria explained on their careers page

Along with a sleek and intuitive design, KPMG’s careers page features all the important information a job seeker might be interested in. The jobs and benefits are displayed prominently and the hiring timeline lets the candidates know what they can expect from the process. Along with the features and visual elements, the site is fully SEO-optimized - if you search ‘senior financial data analyst’ on Google, the position at KPMG comes up within the first few results. 

Luckily, building a great fully branded careers page with all these elements in mind nowadays doesn’t require much effort or any coding. In fact, you can do it in a couple of hours.

KPMG Bulgaria built their entire careers page in a day using TalentLyft’s drag-and-drop careers page builder. You can start building yours too for free!

Build a fully branded careers page in minutes!
Create a beautiful careers page with TalentyLft that speaks your values and starts attracting candidates right away. You can do it in minutes with a simple drag-and-drop system, without any coding required. Try it for free and see for yourself!
 Create a beautiful careers page 

Use paid ads

Advertising on the most popular platforms is a great way to extend your reach and target the exact candidates that match your job criteria. You can set your criteria manually on each platform individually to adjust your job ads to target specific groups of job seekers. For example, the process of creating an ad on Facebook looks something like this:

Facebook Ads manager interface

Alternatively, if you don’t know or simply don't want to do that manually (I know I wouldn’t), I can show you a cool way to advertise your job(s) on any social network in significantly less time. Here’s how I would advertise that same Housekeeper position across my socials: 

In the paid social networks section in TalentLyft’s advertising dashboard, I have the option to post my job across all the most popular social media platforms. 

Publishing a job ad on social media via TalentLyft

I’m going to pick Facebook and Instagram as my go-to platforms for advertising this job. I also have the option to post on each platform separately, but this bundle option for 499$ for 20 days on both platforms seems like a good deal. The social campaigns are already set up, so all I need to do is add the platforms I want to campaign and click on ‘Pay & Publish’. That’s it. My ads are now live!

Learn more: Recruitment Advertising: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

Networking and Employee Referrals

Leveraging your personal networks and current employees can be an effective way to promote your jobs. Use your own industry contacts or followers on professional platforms like LinkedIn to share jobs with and encourage employees within your company to refer someone from their own network or promote a job internally to them.

Employee referrals feature in TalentLyft

If your company has a lot of employees, using software to track all referrals and internal hires can be beneficial so you don’t get lost in the sheets.

Let me show you a way you can get referrals easily, without requiring employees to sign up to any platforms or input their data:

Let’s say I am hiring a hotel manager for one of my hotels and I want to encourage my current employees to refer someone they know. 

Asking for referrals from employees via TalentLyft

I picked out the employees I want to ask a referral from and I just sent it to them. Each one of my employees then receives an email with a unique link they can send to anyone they want. 

If someone applies via their link, I get a notification for the candidate who applied and who referred them and the candidate profile is created. 

Candidate profile in TalentLyft

As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward. Getting referrals through TalentLyft is simplified to the extent that employees don’t need to register or submit any data. They make referrals just by sharing the link directly from their email.


In today's talent market, standing out requires a blend of creativity and strategic advertising. This article highlighted how companies like KPMG Bulgaria excel in job advertising by combining engaging content with smart promotion tactics to attract the right candidates. A successful job ad is clear, resonates with potential candidates' values, and is widely promoted across various channels, including job boards, social media, and through employer branding efforts.

Effective job advertising is about crafting a compelling narrative that showcases the company as an attractive place to work, leveraging technology and traditional methods to broaden reach. As the job advertising landscape continues to evolve, companies that innovate in both content and promotional strategies will not only attract but also retain top talent. The essence of job advertising lies in storytelling; it's about making your opportunities stand out and inspiring candidates to embark on their next career journey with your company.

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