How to Generate More Recruitment Leads Through Video Marketing

For recruitment agencies, video marketing is a great way to get more leads. Video content has the power to engage viewers and make them feel like they are part of the process. The best thing about video marketing for recruitment is that it can be used in all stages of your campaign; from pre-recruitment through post-recruitment. As there's no limit on how many videos you upload or how often you create new ones, this strategy allows you to keep your message fresh and engaging for potential candidates.


Video Marketing's Role in Recruitment Agencies

Video marketing is the way to go for many professionals looking to connect with prospects. Not only does it have an increased chance of being shared than both images and text, but videos also keep people engaged on social media platforms where you can find new candidates outside your usual groups of jobseekers like LinkedIn. These recruitment videos must be mobile-friendly too because 92% of users watch them while they're browsing through Facebook or Instagram apps (and this number jumps up significantly when considering those who use their phones primarily).

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Videos allow you to demonstrate your company's culture and workplace environment beyond the job description. This gives your company a competitive advantage because it disrupts an uninteresting cycle of reading through countless résumés or CVs before making decisions with potential employees who feel like they've seen it all before.

In order to generate more recruitment leads through video marketing, you need to:

1. Identify your video's objective 

2. Come up with a creative idea for your video

3. Create your video content

4. Have a plan on how to distribute it.

Identify and come up with your video ideas

Know what specific goal that your content should address. If the goal is to get more people interested in your company, then you need to create a beneficial video. The videos should be directed at potential candidates and show all of the benefits of joining the company. If the goal is to hire 10 new employees, then you can create a video showcasing different departments and employees and that may help encourage qualified candidates to join your company.

Create your video content

create video content

Creating your video content can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. A basic approach would include filming employees and showing them in different departments around the company during their days of work. For a more advanced strategy, use motion graphics to create an exciting promotional video that captures people's attention! Don’t worry about having no experience creating videos – today there are online video editor tools where you can make videos for free without any special knowledge.

Distribute across multiple channels

To generate more leads through video marketing, it's important to have a plan for how you are going to distribute your videos. There are always multiple channels to use, so find the best one for your audience. For instance, if your video is about your company culture, then Facebook or Instagram may be the best platform for you to upload your campaign. To avoid producing low-quality videos and save yourself from the hassle of converting your video file, use a trusted video converter for your projects. If you're looking to get viewers interested in applying for specific positions at your company, then YouTube might be the best option. 

Tips on How to Create a Perfect Recruitment Video

  1.  Start with a clear and concise message
  2.  Keep the video short and to the point - don't ramble
  3.  Make sure that your voice is audible enough so the viewer can properly hear you 
  4.  Add some music or background audio effects to make it more interesting  
  5.  Show yourself on camera as much as possible 
  6.  Insert a call-to-action at the end of the video (i.e., "apply today")

create perfect recruitment video

Most Common Types of Recruitment Videos

Here are some of the most popular types of recruitment videos so that you know exactly what you might get yourself into.

video tutorial image

creating video image

filming image

The power of video marketing has always been tried and proven effective by many and it's not surprising that companies are looking for ways to integrate this type of marketing into their recruiting strategy. Studies show videos can create a deeper emotional connection with potential candidates. This means they're more likely to share the content on social media or watch future promotional videos from your company. If you want even better results, take advantage of these tips to help your recruitment leads skyrocket!

Author's bio:

Rachelle Ann Raymaro is a PR Outreach Specialist at VEED.IO. Rachelle enjoys watching movies while eating her favorite snack.

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