10 Blog Ideas for Your Company's Career Blog

We’ve put together a list of top 10 blog ideas for your company's career blog. Whether you’re just starting your company’s career blog or you're looking for ideas to refresh your existing one, these examples will inspire you and spark your creativity!


What should you write about on your company’s career blog?

A career blog is a very important element that constitutes the anatomy of a perfect career site.

However, many companies still don’t have a career blog on their career sites.

If you’re among them, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for employer branding!

Yes, your open job positions and your most important perks and benefit are probably stated on your career site.

But a great career blog will provide potential candidates with an authentic, inside look at what it’s like to work for your company. To present that to your candidates, you should create content that spotlights your existing employees. Feature your employees' testimonials and stories.

By giving candidates a glimpse into your company culture, you will be able to attract and hire the best talent by finding the perfect fit.

So, are you thinking about starting your company's career blog?

Or you’re just looking for inspiration to refresh your existing company’s career blog with some cool new content?

Either way, we’ve got you covered! 🙂

A list of content ideas for your company's career blog

We’ve put together a list of top 10 blog ideas you can use for your company's career blog.

Every career blog idea is followed by a great, real-life example from big brands.

Hopefully, these examples will inspire you and spark your own creativity!

Blog idea #1: A day in the life of…

Write a blog post in which your existing employees walk the reader through their usual daily schedule. This a great way to give interested candidates a sneak peek into how would working at your company look like.

Pro tip: 
Don’t forget to include photos! Vivid visuals will make it easier for candidates to picture themselves in your office.  

 Real-life example: 
Check out this great example by Pivotal: A Day in the Life of a Pivotal Engineer


Blog idea #2: Career path story

Have your existing employees tell a story about their career path at your company. This way, you will show potential candidates that your company is a place where they can advance their career and move up in your company’s hierarchy.

Pro tip:
Highlight the advancement criteria in your company. Make sure they incorporate they values you want to see in your employees.  

Real-life example: 
Check out this great example by Deloitte: Richard Rosenthal - Take your children to work day yields big career rewards


Blog idea #3: Diversity blogs

Don’t just talk the talk - walk the walk! Your career blog is a great place to show the potential candidates exactly how you value diversity at your company in everyday life. What do you do to promote workplace inclusion? Speak up!

Pro tip:
Be honest and genuine. Present the real-life stories and experiences of your employees!

Real-life example:
Check out this heartwarming message from Pluralsight’s career blog: Our message for LGBTQ+ youth: We need you. You belong here.

Blog idea #4: Best employer awards

If your company has won any kind of the “Best Employer” or “Best Places to Work” awards, proudly announce it on your company’s career blog! If not, think about making a news out of your perfect Glassdoor reviews.

Pro tip:
Don’t forget to thank your employees for making your company a great place to work!

Real-life example:
Check out this great example by Publix: We’ve done it again! Publix is among Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the 21st year!


Blog idea #5: Company culture video

Make sure you showcase your company culture on your career blog. A great way to do that is to film a short video. Don’t worry - it doesn’t need to be a professional video. Simply take your smartphone and capture a short, authentic, inside view of your company culture.

Pro tip:
Keep it simple! Ask your employees to describe working at your company in just 3 words.

Real-life example:
Here is a great example by One Technologies: OT in 3 Words!

Blog idea #6: Quiz

Don’t just write blog posts. Feature other, more interactive content formats as part of your career blog, too. A short quiz is a very simple yet fun and effective example of interactive content you can publish on your career blog.

Pro tip:
This is a perfect lead generation opportunity, so make sure you make the most of it!

Real-life example:
Check out this great example by Ericsson: How Strong is Your Personal Brand?


Blog idea #7: Everyday life at your office

Your candidates are probably wondering what’s it like to work at your company’s office. Let them take a sneak peek into everyday life at your office. Include a lot of office photos and show off your workspace and your employees!

Pro tip:
Don’t limit yourself only to the inside of your workspace. If your office is in a great location or has a nice view, that’s worth mentioning too.

Real-life example:
Check out how Hootsuite does it: Inside Hootsuite London!


Blog idea #8: Cool projects

Write about a cool project your employees are working on. Highlight the latest technology they are using. And most importantly, bring your company’s professionals into the spotlight! It is a great way to attract the attention of the top experts in your industry.

Pro tip:
Don’t limit yourself to simple blog posts. For example, Facebook hosts very popular podcasts on their career blog!

Real-life example:
Check out Facebook’s career blog post announcing their podcast: Inside Facebook Mobile!


Blog idea #9: Career tips

Offer interesting and useful career tips to your potential candidates. This content doesn’t necessarily need to be focused on your company - offer general advice and tips for career advancement.

Pro tip:
This type of content is especially useful for attracting recent graduates and young professionals.

Real-life example:
Check out a great example form Adidas: 5 tips for rookies - How to win at work after graduation!


Blog idea #10: Ask the recruiter

Establish an “Ask the Recruiter” column on your career blog. Invite your candidates to ask your recruiting team anything they want to know about your hiring process. Then publish your answers in a form of a blog post.

Pro tip:
Don’t just provide information. Include useful advice and tips from your recruiting team to make candidates feel like your setting them up for a success!

Real-life example:
Goldman Sachs has perfected this type of blog posts! Take a look: Ask the Recruiters - When to Start Exploring Opportunities.


Want more great blog ideas for your company's career blog?

You can find some additional cool career blog ideas and real-life examples from big brands in our following blog posts:

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a company's career blog? 

A company's career blog aims to attract potential candidates and showcase the company culture, values, and experiences of current employees.

How can 'A day in the life' posts benefit a career blog? 

These posts give candidates a realistic view of what working at the company is like, helping them visualize their potential fit.

Why include career path stories in a career blog? 

Career path stories highlight growth and development opportunities within the company, attracting ambitious candidates.

How do diversity blogs contribute to a career blog? 

Diversity blogs demonstrate the company's commitment to inclusivity and workplace equality, appealing to a broad range of candidates.

What is the advantage of featuring company awards in a career blog? 

Highlighting awards enhances the company's reputation as a great place to work, attracting top talent.

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