Recruitment Content for Every Step of Candidate Journey

Creating great recruitment content for every step of the candidate journey doesn’t have to be time-consuming an exhausting process. In this article, you will find a list of great content ideas and examples of great recruitment content created by big brands!


How to create great recruitment content for every step of candidate journey?

One of the best ways to attract talent is to offer them interesting and useful content at every step of their candidate journey.

Great recruitment content will help you target the best candidates at the right time with the right message.

As a result, you will be able to recruit the right people for your company faster and cheaper.

Sounds great, right? 🙂

But...what is “interesting and useful content” exactly?
And how to create it? 😕

I will guide you through the list of content ideas for every step of candidate journey.
I will also present awesome recruitment content examples from big brands.  

So let’s get started! 🙂

What is the secret of great recruitment content?

Let's start by explaining what is “interesting and useful” recruitment content.

The type of content that candidates find to be interesting and useful depends on where they are in their candidate journey.

Candidates are interested in different things at different stages of their candidate journey.

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At each stage of their candidate journey, they have different interests and needs. 

Let's’ take a look at the main candidates' interests at different stages of their candidate journey:

  1. Awareness 
    Candidates think: What is this company anyway?  
  2. Consideration 
    Candidates think: What is in it for me? 
  3. Interest 
    Candidates think: Would I fit in?  
  4. Application 
    Candidates think: How do I apply? What should I write in my application? 
  5. Selection 
    Candidates think: What can I expect in an interview? 
  6. Hire 
    Candidates think: Yay, I got the job! :) 


The secret of great recruitment content is providing compelling answers to candidates’ questions throughout their candidate’s journey. 

The list of recruitment content ideas for every step of candidate journey

Here is the list of the great recruitment ideas for every stage of candidate journey:

1. Awareness

At this stage, candidates have just become aware of your employer brand.

They may have heard about your company before or maybe they even use your products or services, but this is the first time they’re thinking:

Hey, this could be my next employer!

You need to capture their attention and make your employer brand stand out:

2. Consideration

At this stage, candidates want to know more about your company as their potential employer.

Specifically, their interested to know what your company can offer them. 

They’re thinking:

What is in it for me?

They’ll be interested in content that highlights your employee value proposition and helps them imagine what it would be like to work at your company:

3. Interest

At this stage, candidates are interested in working for your company.

They are now trying to figure out if your company the best choice for them. 

They’re thinking:

Would I fit in?

At this point, they’ll be looking for content that showcases your company culture:

4. Application

At this stage, candidates have decided that they want to work for your company.

They are now trying to figure out how to make that happen.

They’re thinking:

How do I apply? What should I write in my application?

They'll be searching for content that provides insights into your application process:

5. Selection

At this stage candidates are are going through your selection process. This is the nerve-racking period for them.

They’re thinking:

What can I expect in an interview? What will they ask me?

They’ll be on a lookout for anything that can help them prepare for the interview:

6. Hire

At this point, candidates are informed that you chose them among all other candidates.

They are the lucky ones who will become your new employees!

They’re thinking:

Yay, I got the job! 🙂

They’ll crave content that can help them prepare for their new role:

Examples of great recruitment content at every step of candidate journey

Here are the top examples of awesome recruitment content from big brands.

I’ll break them down by stages:

1. Awareness

Check out this great Instagram post published by HubSpot!

It features a photo of their employees with big smiles across their faces, celebrating their Best Place to Work award!


2. Consideration

Check out this blog post on Hootsuite career blog!

It features their HR professional talking about how working at HootSuite allows her to have it all - a family life and a great career!


3. Interest

Check out the wonderful Porto Montenegro career page!

It highlights inspirational quotes and interviews with their employees.


4. Application

Check out the “How we hire” section of Google’s career page.

It has a special page dedicated to the application stage of their hiring process.

Candidates can read a detailed overview of Google’s application process as well as tips to stand out.


5. Selection

Check out the “Meet the recruiters” section of ATB Financial’s career page.

Candidates can see the photos of the people who will be interviewing them, as well as their favorite interview questions and personality traits and skills they look for in candidates.


6. Hire

Check out Dunkin Donuts new employee presentation video!

In this video, the president of Great American Donut, Scott Fanning, shares his company’s most important goals. 


Are you ready to create great recruitment content?

Hopefully, these examples have inspired you and got your creative juices flowing.

Now go on and create a great recruitment content for your own candidates! 🙂

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