Top 10 Career Site Examples from Industry Leaders

Here is the list of the top 10 career site examples! Learn how industry leaders use their career sites to attract the best candidates and get a bunch of new ideas you can implement to improve your own career site. 


Looking for the best career site examples?

If you're looking for great career sites examples, you’ve come to the right place.

We scoured the web to find the best of the best that are out there!
We spent hours and hours reviewing different industry leaders’ career sites to select the winning ones with that perfect anatomy.

We also highlighted great ideas you can use to improve your own career site.

So without further ado...

Take a look at these top 10 career sites from industry leaders that really stand out!

Top 10 career site examples 

Example #1: Zurb

Check it out:
Zurb’s career site 


The idea to steal:
Talk to your potential candidates like you would talk to your friends. Tell them a story about your company. Be authentic and honest!  

Example #2: Telepathy

Check it out:
Telepathy’s career site 


The idea to steal:
KISS - Keep it short and sweet.
Create a simple, one-page career site with strong visuals and short, but effective copy!  

Example #3: Facebook

Check it out:
Facebook’ career site 


The idea to steal:
Make it easy for interested job seekers to find your open job position! Place a search bar with an inspiring call to action at the top of your career site. Right below it, give potential candidates a reason to apply - explain why they should choose your company.  

Example #4: Salesforce

Check it out:
Salesforce’s career site 


The idea to steal:
Make sure you clearly explain your hiring process. Tell interested candidates what they can expect when they apply. Outline the steps of your hiring process in a visually attractive infographic!  

Example #5: Warner Bros.

Check it out:
Warner Bros.’ career site 


The idea to steal:
Find a way to incorporate your company’s industry business jargon (in this example, film industry jargon: “Find your next great role”) and your products and services into your career site. That way, you will speak directly to candidates interested in your line of work, while turning away the rest.  

Example #6: Southwest Airlines

Check it out:
Southwest Airline’s career site  


The idea to steal:
Let your employees do the talking! Proudly present your company’s Glassdoor reviews on your company page. Include quotes and photos of your existing employees.  

Example #7: Asana

Check it out:
Asana’s career site 


The idea to steal:
Don’t be shy - make sure you highlight your company’s “Best places to work” awards and recognition by third parties.  

Example #8: Global Telesourcing

Check it out:
Global Telesourcing’s career site  


The idea to steal:
If you offer a competitive salary, lead with that! If you don’t, choose a specific, meaningful perk or benefit you offer and highlight it to make your employee value proposition stand out. 

Example #9: Accenture

Check it out:
Accenture’s career site 


The idea to steal:
Humanize and personalize your employer brand! Give it a human face by featuring smiling photos of your existing employees, including recruiters. Candidates are are especially curious to see people who will interview them!  

And finally...

A very special example #10: The Heineken Company

What’s all the fuss about?
In addition to their regular career site, The Heineken Company created the additional interactive website, GO Places, where candidates go through an exciting, adventurous and fun gamified job interview.
Once they’ve gotten their interview results, candidates are directed to Heineken's LinkedIn page, where they can find the current job openings. The result? Over 300% more job applications!  

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Check it out:
The Heineken Company’s GO Places career site 

The idea to steal:
Don’t let your company's career site stand in a dusty corner of your corporation’s website - is not enough to attract the talent. Dare to be edgy, bold and unique! Find a way to inject a dose of humor and adventure into your career site.  

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Best Tips for Optimizing Your Career Site & Generating More Job Applicants

Best Tips for Optimizing Your Career Site & Generating More Job Applicants

Download this list of tips for career site optimization. Use it to create a beautiful career page that converts visitors.
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