Top 50 Hiring and Recruitment Statistics for 2020

Looking for valuable recruiting statistics? This HUGE list of the most important hiring statistics contains everything you need to know to benchmark your recruiting and ensure successful hiring in 2020.


Looking for valuable recruiting statistics?

What is the state of recruitment and hiring in 2020? 🧐

To stay up to date, I searched the web to find the latest relevant research and statistics on recruitment and hiring. 

The result is this list - a HUGE compilation of more than 50 most informative recruiting facts and stats!  

You can use these statistics to benchmark your own recruiting or simply consult it as a source of inspiration. 

Knowing these hiring statistics will keep you in the loop with the latest recruitment trends and give you some new, fresh ideas for improving your recruitment efforts in 2020. πŸ’ͺ

Top 50 Hiring and recruiting statistics

I have compiled a rich collection of more than 50 most important recruiting and hiring statistics. 

πŸ“Š This HUGE list of statistics is broken up into 17 recruiting-related topics: 

1. Talent shortage

2. Changing jobs

3. Employee benefits

4. Employer branding

5. Job advertising

6. Candidate experience

7. Social recruiting

8. Career site

9. Employee referrals

10. Hiring assessments

11. Interviewing

12. Hiring for cultural fit

13. Company culture

14. Diversity hiring

15. Onboarding

16. Bad hire

17. Recruiting software.

So let’s dive into these interesting and informative statistics! 

#1 Talent shortage statistics

🧐 Are we really facing a talent shortage in 2020? 

talent shortage stat

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

In order to thrive in times of talent shortage and war for talent, you need to be proactive and think in advance. Hire for what’s next! 

➑️ Learn how to build your talent pool proactively and nurture and engage your candidates!

#2 Changing jobs statistics

🧐 How open are top candidates to change jobs? And how to win them over?

Changing jobs trend 2020 stat

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Highlight career development opportunities in your employee value proposition to attract top candidates. Once they become your employees, be sure to recognize their hard work! 

➑️ Check out 20 awesome employee recognition ideas!

#3 Employee benefits statistics

🧐 Which benefits and perks do candidates really want?

Importance of perks and benefits in hiring and attracting candidates

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Perks such as table tennis and beer taps in the office probably won’t help you attract top candidates. 

➑️ Offer meaningful employee benefits and flexible working arrangements.

#4 Employer branding statistics

🧐 How important is employer branding in 2020?

Employer brand importance statistics

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

The message here is clear - if you want to attract and hire top talent in 2020, you have to invest into building a strong employer brand. 

➑️ Learn how to build your employer branding strategy in 5 steps [INFOGRAPHIC]!

#5 Job advertisement statistics

🧐 What are the new trends in job advertisements in 2020? 

Salary range in job advertisements

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaways: 

It’s 2020. If you want to make your job ads stand out, you need to differentiate them from your competitors. Go visual and include a salary range. Looking for more ideas?

➑️ Get inspired by these top 10 job ad examples

#6 Candidate experience statistics

🧐 What is the state of candidate experience in 2020? 

Positive candidate experience

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

A bad candidate experience can cause you not only to lose great candidates but also customers and money. 

➑️ Discover 10 clever hacks for improving your candidate experience in 2020! 

#7 Social recruiting statistics

🧐 Is social recruiting really a must-have rec recruitment strategy in 2020?

Social media recruiting

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Social media recruiting is definitely a must-have recruiting strategy in 2020 for any company that wants to be successful in finding and attracting top talent. 

➑️ Learn how to promote your employer brand on social media

#8 Career site statistics

🧐 Is your career site really worth the investment? 

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Your career site is the most important recruiting channel you have - that is, if it has the right anatomy. Looking to create  a new career site or just upgrade the one you have?

➑️ Get inspired by these top 10 career site examples

#9 Employee referral statistics

🧐 Are employee referrals still the best way to find great candidates in 2020?

Employee referral statistics

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway:

If you’re not getting at least 30% of hires through your employee referral program, you’re missing out on a great opportunity! 

➑️ Learn how to set up a successful employee referral program and boost it with innovative employee referral awards

#10 Hiring assessments statistics

🧐 What is the best way to assess your candidate’s knowledge and skills?

Skill assessment tests

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

In 2020, 82% of companies use some form of pre-employment assessment tests. How about you? 

➑️ Learn how to use the  “work sample” assessment technique!

#11 Interviewing statistics

🧐What is the best interviewing technique you should be using in 2020?

Job interview importance

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Being a great interviewer in 2020 means that you know how to select the best candidates AND provide a great candidate experience. Both are equally important! 

➑️ Check out our guide for conducting structured job interviews

#12 Hiring for cultural fit statistics

🧐 Hiring for cultural fit - a necessity or just a fad?


πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Although hiring for cultural fit alone has many disadvantages, when done right, cultural fit hiring can help you improve your retention rate and boost your company culture. 

➑️ Consider using a few cultural fit questions in your job interviews!

#13 Company culture statistics

🧐 How important is company culture in 2020?

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

According to these statistics, company culture is the key to attracting and retaining great employees in 2020. 

➑️Learn how to promote your company culture to attract new talent in 2020!

#14 Diversity hiring statistics

🧐 How important is diversity hiring in 2020?

Workplace diversity

πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Workplace diversity starts with hiring. Workplace diversity is not just an inclusion fad - it has tangible and direct benefits.

➑️ Discover great ideas for building, managing and promoting workplace diversity

#15 Bad hire statistics

🧐 What are the chances you’ll hire the wrong person in 2020? And what will it cost you?


πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Okay, so you are most likely to make a bad hire in 2020 - same as any other employer. Luckily, this doesn’t have to turn into a disaster!

➑️Check out our top 5 tips for turning a bad hire into success!

#16 Onboarding statistics

🧐 Should you invest in onboarding in 2020?


πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Invest some time and effort in creating an effective (and fun!) onboarding program and turn it into your secret weapon for attracting and retaining top talent. 

➑️ Check out our guide on how to successfully onboard new employees

#17 Recruitment software statistics

🧐 When it comes to recruiting technology, what are the benchmark statistics in 2020?


πŸ’‘ Actionable takeaway: 

Modern recruitment technology can help you tackle the most important recruitment challenges in 2020.

TLDR: Watch the video with the top 10 recruiting stats for 2020!

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