5 Eye-Opening Candidate Experience Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Check out our infographic showing the top 5 eye-opening candidate experience statistics! Discover the most important candidate experience statistics every employer and recruiter should know.


The state of candidate experience in 2020

You know the story: The unemployment rate is lower than ever so candidates are in control now.

➡️ You don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you.

And here is the catch: 

Candidates will pick your company as their new employer ONLY if you provide a positive candidate experience. 

Don’t believe me? The data says it all. 👇

Candidate experience infographic

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Top 5 candidate experience statistics you should know

Here are the top 5 candidate experience all employers and recruiters should know: 

Candidate experience statistic #1: Candidates expect more

Only 25% of all job candidates rated their candidate experience as great.

Source: Talent Board

Candidate experience statistic #2: Candidates are fed up

Candidate resentment has increased by 40% in North America since 2016.

Source: Talent Board

Candidate experience statistic #3: Candidates want more communication

63% of candidates are dissatisfied with communication with employers after applying for a job. 

Source: Talentegy

Candidate experience statistic #4: Candidates won’t reapply

69% of candidates with a negative candidate experience won’t apply again.

Source: Talentegy

Candidate experience statistic #5: Candidates will talk

69% of candidates would share their negative experiences with their friends and network.

Source: Talentegy

How to improve the candidate experience?

If you’re a recruiter or employer with plans to hire new employees in 2020, these stats should serve as a wake-up call for you. 

You need to start improving your candidate experience ASAP!

But, don’t worry - we’ve got your back. 🙂

We prepared a detailed, step-by-step guide that will help you ace your candidate experience and turn your hiring game around! 💪

➡️Learn how to improve candidate experience in 10 simple steps!

Before you start though, we suggest you first survey your candidate's experience. Ask your candidates for feedback to capture their key concerns.

Start by removing the top causes of bad candidate experience - and then move on to smoothening candidate experience throughout the whole candidate journey

The source of candidate experience statistics

Candidate experience statistics used in this blog post and infographic come from two top benchmark reports in the recruitment industry. Both of these reports are based on rigorous, scientifically supported data.

Candidate experience report #1

The 2019 Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research Report published by Talent Board

Candidate experience report #2

The 2019 Candidate Experience Report published by Talentegy

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