TalentLyft (former: Adopto) Launch Announcement

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Adopto. As you already know, Adopto is an applicant tracking system that makes the hiring process smooth and organized.

Adopto helps you by simplifying every step of the hiring process. These are the six steps and this is how Adopto helps you manage them:
We’re here to help you manage your hiring process so feel free to ask us anything that interests you chatting with us thru our support chat. We emphasize that we welcome any feedback you give us as it helps us improve our product.
The best part about Adopto is that setup takes only 5 minutes so we encourage you to check it out immediately. 

If you are ready to transform the way u hire, Start by clicking here.
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2020 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Tool

2020 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Tool

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