What is Recruitment Plan?

Recruitment plan refers to a prearranged strategy for hiring employees.


Recruitment plan

Recruitment plan refers to a prearranged strategy for hiring employees. It acts as a timeline for companies to find qualififed applicants without causing downtime for the company.

Recruitment plan identifies the goals for a particular position.

Steps and components of recruitment plans

Recruiment plan consists of five general steps:

1. Identifing the job opening

2. Deciding how to fill the job opening

3. Identifing the target group

4. Notifing the target group

5. Meeting with the candidates

The recruitment plan components include:

- announcement

- recruiting timeline

- advertising plan

- interview schedule

- assessment tools

- background checks

- interview plans

- references

Benefits of recruitment plans

Recruitment plans make the hiring process smoother and act as a qualifying guideline for applicants. This helps employers to ensure that they are hiring individuals with the qualifications and skills needed to do the job.

The biggest benefit is keeping the company on its course and running. With a good recruitment plan companies are able to find qualified employees in a timely manner preventing lapses in employment, such as having positions that need to be filled and no one able to do the work in the meantime.

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