Email template: Meet our team

Use this Meet our team email template to build stronger relationships with job candidates.

Use this "Meet our team" email template to introduce some of your employees to your talent pool. Your current employees are your brand ambassadors, and sending their stories to the candidates is the essential part of every Recruitment Marketing strategy. 

meet our team email template

How to send a "Meet our team" email to candidates?

Proactive building of talent pools with high-quality job candidates is the best long-term solution for successful and more productive recruiting strategy.

If you have already made a contact with current or potential future candidates, you should make sure to send them useful and relevant information. 

One of the things you could send to trigger more interest in candidates is sending your current employees' stories. We often say that your employees are your best ambassadors and that candidates trust their words more than CEOs' and C-level executives'. 

"Meet our team" type of emails can be sent in various situations: 

  • to the candidates that you haven't met yet
  • to the canddiates that you have sourced
  • to the candidates that are in your selection process
  • to the candidates you just sent an offer to

Use our Candidate Relationship Management email templates to build stronger relationships with candidates and make them choose you as their next employer of choice!

Template for “Meet our team” email

Subject line: Meet [company name]'s team

Dear [candidate name],

I would like to introduce you to a few members of our amazing team!

Here at [company name], we value our employees more than anything, and we know that their work is the reason for our success. 

Our main goal as an employer is to provide a comfortable, flexible and enjoyable work environment for our employees. Since our employees are very self-motivated and driven individuals, their career paths are often very important to them. 

Today, I wanted to show you what our employees exactly do, and what their career paths are like!

Check them out!

[links to employee profiles or links to employees' career stories]

I hope you have a clearer picture of what is like to be [company name] employee. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me,

Best regards,


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