Email template: Join our talent network

This email template is for you to use when you want to ask potential job candidates to join your talent network. This is a relatively new trend in the HR industry used to build high quality talent pools. 

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join our talent network email template

How to ask candidates to join your talent network?

Proactive building of talent pools with high-quality job candidates is the best long-term solution for successful and more productive recruiting strategy.

If you have a list of passive candidates who match your candidate persona profile, you should ask the to join your talent network.

This way, you can send them relevant and interesting things about your company, about your employees, industry trends and other content that will move them from cold to hot leads.

Use our Candidate Relationship Management email templates to build stronger relationships with candidates and make them choose you as their next employer of choice!

Template for “Join our Talent Network” email

Subject line: Join our Talent Network today!

Dear [candidate name],

I would like you to join other professionals in your field and become a member of our Talent Network.

[Company name] has built a network of talented people in [industry or field], and we are inviting you to be a part of it.

As a member of our talent network, you will get exclusive news about the industry, various cool projects we are working on, career advices , our employee success stories and new job opportunities you may be interested in.

I hope to welcome you to our Talent Network soon!

[link to your talent network landing page or form with CAT: “Join Our Talent Network”]

Best regards,


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