3 Video Recruiting Emails to Win the Best Job Candidates

Video recruiting is one of the leading trends in the world of recruiting. Many recruiters now use video recruiting emails to communicate with their candidates and job applicants. In this blog, you will see three examples of video recruiting emails. 


Using video to communicate with job candidates

Hiring employee that can contribute to your company’s success and profitability can sometimes seem like a long and exhausting process. Not being quite sure how this person will add value to your culture and your team is one of the challenges faced by hiring companies.

Video can be used for both cold recruiting emails and for communication with existing job applicants. Using video when communicating with candidates helps to fasten these processes and increases their effectiveness. So what are the benefits of video usage when recruiting the right people for your company?

Example of 3 video recruiting emails:

Thank you for applying

If you are looking recruit the best people for your company, you will have to try your best to communicate effectively with them to make sure there is no misunderstanding from both sides. Be aware that this needs to be a win-win deal because both you and your candidate are looking for a perfect fit.

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Using video to communicate with the job applicants will definitely help you create a better impression and improve candidate experience. Just imagine, how would your candidates feel if they would receive a video email after applying for a job?

Try recording a video in which you greet your candidates by their name, thank them for applying for this particular job position and ask what would be the best time to schedule an interview.

With Covideo, you can record and send videos that will lead you to your perfect candidate. If you are thinking about sending general email to the candidates who will continue to participate in your selection process, forget about it!

Your candidates are expecting communication on a personal level and with video, you will be able to channel not just your personality, but also your creativity. Don’t you feel that typed emails are creating additional distance between you and your candidates? Don’t let the channel of communication stands between you and your perfect candidate.

What is your feedback

After you agreed with selected candidates on the best time to conduct job interviews online or offline, you should take time to get to know them.

This is an important step that will give you comprehension to make better-informed decisions later. It is up to you to choose whether you should hold an interview with candidates through video platforms or should you invite them to your office.

Besides improving your Employer Branding strategy, taking personalized approach when communicating with job applicants will let you see their strengths and characteristics that make them unique.

How many times have you asked your candidates how do they feel about working in your company after held interviews? This question is not just important because you get the feedback from candidates, but you also get insight into the things that are of vital interest for them

Also, feedback like this can help you define your Employee Value Proposition and serve as a magnet for attracting candidates.

For instance, if one of the candidates highlights company culture as first reason for wanting to work in your company, that could help you understand that you will take another approach to build a relationship with him than with someone who is focused on their career.

The ones that appreciate your company culture and Employee Value Propositions will like to be awarded for their efforts with activities such as team building, and the ones that are career-focused will enjoy more when promoted or awarded with seminars or educational workshops.

Without taking a personal approach, you will not be able to see these things before you get to know that person better. Quality interviews and video communication will provide you with as much information about your candidate as possible.

You can even send a video email to the candidates that were selected as best ones after the interviews. Why not sending them a video where you are thanking them for their time and effort for participating in your selection process? You can also inform them that they are selected as top candidates and asking them for their feedback.

When can you start?

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to informing candidates that they got the job over the phone? Why not record a video and let them know how excited you are to welcome them in your company?

Your candidates will be pleased to find out from you that they got the job, and is there a better way to deliver that news than through video?

This way, you will immediately show your new employee that you are creative and different than your competition. Delivering good news to your perfect candidate through video also assures them that they have made the right choice.

Keep it informative and let your personality shine while recording congratulation video. Explain why you chose this particular candidate, what impressed you the most and provide all the important information on this new step in his professional life.

Why is video communication so popular in recruiting?

Video helps employers build relationships with candidates and improve their Candidate Relationship Management strategies. 

Keep in mind that candidates that didn’t get the job are your possible future customers or future applicants for the next job position in your company. This is why it is important to be respectful to all your candidates, even when you are rejecting them and telling them that they didn't get a job

Try to keep your candidates interested from the first contact. Sending videos will help you establish meaningful and personalized relationships with them.

Allow yourself to experience all the benefits of video communication using platforms such as Covideo. Recording emails is easier than typing them. Once you enter the world of video communication, its benefits will make you forget all about other ways of communication.

Ready to start with video? Try Covideo for free and see how it can help you excel your recruiting strategy!

About the author

Lucija Grubisic is a last year student finishing her studies in marketing. She has been with Covideo for almost a year now, and she loves generating high-quality, inbound content!

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