Critical thinking Interview Questions

Critical thinking skills interview questions are used to test and measure candidate’s ability to think autonomously, analyze and evaluate problematical situations, and understand logical connections between different ideas.

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Critical thinking Interview Questions

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What do critical thinking skills interview questions test?

Critical thinking skills interview questions are used to test and measure candidate’s ability to think independently, analyze and evaluate an issue, and understand logical connections between ideas.
Use critical thinking questions to help you select candidates who think critically and are able to use an autonomous mindset in order to seek innovative ways to improve your business processes.

Job positions to use critical thinking skills questions for

Being able to think critically is essential for roles and job positions such as Information Technology (IT), Business Analyst, Investment Analyst and Inventory Manager.

What are some common examples of critical thinking skills interview questions?

  • How quickly do you make decisions? How do you do it? Do you prefer thinking things through carefully before making a decision?
  • What was the most difficult decision you had to make at work? What was it about? What was the outcome?
  • Give me an example of a situation when your colleague presented you a new idea that was odd or unusual. What did you do?
  • Give me an example of a time you discovered that your boss made a mistake. What did you do? What was the outcome?
  • Please describe a situation in which you had to make a critical choice based on incomplete data. How did you do it?

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